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    Booklet Printing issue

    BenVang, thank you for that workaround. Unfortunately my iMac can't access the HP printer driver, which I'm familiar with from printing on PagePlus from my old PC. I have PagePlus working in Windows 10 in Parallels on my iMac but again it's unable to access the Windows version of the HP driver.
  2. Willow Island

    Booklet Printing issue

    I've tried exporting as a PDF to print an A5 booklet but, as with printing direct from AP, the A5 artwork gets inserted into the middle of an A4 page. I've taken a couple of screen shots to show the page size settings and the PDF. The shot showing the Spread Setup dialogue shows the page as I intended it with the artwork coming almost to the edge of the A5 page.
  3. Willow Island

    Booklet Printing issue

    Alfred - thank you. I'll give the PDF option a try as I've yet to do that from an Affinity Publisher beta document. I'll see how that turns out with my little Test Booklet; I suspect that it's going to be slow to print, because I'll still have to go through Preview or Acrobat Pro, but it's worth having a go with my back to basics 8-page booklet.
  4. Willow Island

    Booklet Printing issue

    I can't print a booklet direct from Affinity Publisher; instead of paginating the booklet as A5 pages on folded A4, it centres a single A5 page on each A4 sheet. I've tried a few of the printer's settings but I feel that shouldn't be necessary anyway as in Page Plus the only thing that I needed to do on the printer itself was to select 2-sided printing and long- or short-edge binding (it's an HP LaserJet P2055dn monochrome laser but obviously the same thing would apply to my OKI colour laser if I tried that). I'm aware that I can export the document as a PDF but printing PDFs from an iMac with Adobe Acrobat or with the Mac's Preview PDF viewer is a very slow process and can, in the case of Acrobat, result in misplaced pages. I suspect that it's one of these Mac things and that there is no solution. My theory is that Acrobat and probably Preview too convert each character in the text into an individual vector image but that it uses a painfully slow process to complete this unasked for task. If I could print direct from Affinity Publisher I wouldn't need to delve into the mysteries of Mac and Acrobat. My request to the development team is please could you find a way of allowing me to print a booklet directly from Affinity Publisher that is as fast and efficient as Page Plus was on my old and far less powerful PC? (By the way, I love what I've seen of the program so far. I felt totally at home, probably because I've used Page Plus for 15 or more years)
  5. Willow Island

    Save for Web

    Thank you for that Dominik, lets hope that the export preview soon makes it into one of the updates. I hadn't realised that the structure of Affinity Photo would make this such a technically challenging feature to include. I will go back and add that final fifth star to my rating in my review in the App Store when it appears. It will be most welcome when it appears.
  6. I have a very similar problem. I'm recording a macro in Affinity Photo to reduce an image to a standard size and resolution for use on the web: Change resolution to 96 dpi. Reduce image to 650 pixels across, keeping the the horizontal and vertical dimensions in proportion. Sharpen the image up a little after the last adjustment. Unfortunately, the macro doesn’t keep the proportions locked as specified (by a small locked padlock icon in the dialogue), resulting in a stretched and unusable image. I'm using an iMac, iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015), with macOS High Sierra, version 10.13.5
  7. I think this topic came up a few years ago but I can't find it in search. Is there a possibility of a 'Save for Web' dialogue in Affinity Photo that would included a preview of the final JPEG, GIF or PNG, to let you make an informed decision on the trade-off between reduced file size and image quality?

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