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  1. I agree columns are a must for spacing and alignment not just for text but for aligning images
  2. The way affinity photo handles scaled documents is not as intuitive as to how it is on Photoshop. Currently for all architectural PDFs I am still having to use Photoshop. When you copy and paste an item to another document the scale is not kept to the original document. Which is not very helpful when dealing with architectural plans that need to be kept to scale. e.g. Import a document at A3 copy and paste an item to A4. The image shrinks to a random size. Within Photoshop all the copy and pasting is kept. Perhaps I may not be following the correct affinity process to do this but it in my eyes I would hope it would be as simple as copy paste.
  3. @carl123 Thanks Carl problem solved. How do I change the background of the page to be grey and white check to show that it is transparent area as is shown in Photoshop? Thanks
  4. Hi @GabrielM I have tried at multiple levels starting off at 90% and towards 60% the boundary lines for where the marquee cuts were made are just as apparent at each level. When exporting as JPG its not an issue at any level only as a PDF does this problem occur. Thanks Shiv Floorplans for HMO.pdf
  5. Hi New to using Affinity Photo from long time use of Photoshop. New problem I have encountered. I am trying to export a document that was scanned in and amended over with Fill and marquee tool to delete some elements on the original document. For some reason when exporting the document as a PDF all selections and edits that were made are showing up. Please find file attached.The PDF is the exported document and I have attached the AFphoto file too Thanks in advance for any help Thanks Shiv Floorplans for HMO.pdf Floorplans for HMO.afphoto
  6. If i right click on the document from windows explorer and open in Affinity - click okay to the dialog box. The document opens up to the size it comes in at, but when I copy a portion of the document using marquee tool and take it to a clean A3 sheet the scale doesn't translate to what is the correct print size should be to. The screenshots show the imported document and the other screenshot is flatten copied and pasted into a new A3 sheet. The correct size of the property should almost take up the entire document. If i print that out and try to scale from it wouldn't translate to correct dimensions. I have also attached the PDF used in the screenshot Hope that helps? 4965 - 4A.pdf
  7. Hi @GabrielM I have attached PDF. I don't have a sheet without a paper scaled mentioned to hand but there is a scale bar on the document which can be checked off if printed. Thanks Shiv Farid Southall - Sheet - A103 - Proposed.pdf
  8. Hi, I am trying to import scaled PDF documents into Affinity and when I drag and drop on to an existing open document it appears to be imported to the correct scale. But if I open a new document from an existing PDF it looses its relation to scale. With Photoshop I used to just right click on pdf import the document and it was there already scaled. Is there something I am missing or do I always have to open a document to the correct document size the PDF was created on then import the PDF from there. This would be okay for most PDFs that are created on standard paper sizes where it is stated on the document but if the paper size is not stated on the PDF I am not sure of the procedure of importing to scale? Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this process. Kind Regards Shiv :)
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