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  1. I have a huge bug on Affinity designer for ipad: whatsoever file extension slices option I choose in the export persona it export only a small jpeg picture of 1024x768. please I really need help it's important I export my work from my ipad my Ipad is ipad 2018 and ios is up to date at current firmware 12.1.4 (also affinity designer
  2. Hello,  there is a way to set a font (with size and all the other settings) for both Artistic Text Tool / Frame Text Tool as a default on Designer and Photo?  Thx a lot!
  3. talking about non destructive editing in affinity photo for ipad: 1) can you preserve the data of the original layers? 2) apply editable filter and adjustment? 3) update mutiple layers at once? thx!
  4. does affinity photo for ipad have its owns solution for smart objects layers even if not photoshop compatible? thx!
  5. hi I have already bought affinity photo for ipad, how to use smart objects please? thx!
  6. Hi I will send you the original photo, where can I send it to you? thx again for your support
  7. thanks for your reply. I'm sorrry I prefere to do not share that photo because it's one of my favorites. I should try to make a new photo only fot this purpose. I'll let you know if I accomplish in this quest asap, maybe even tomorrow. I posted the problem also on another forum so it's better that I give good news also over there with an update post.
  8. I have very strong magenta cast on raw canon images. do a quick test try to open an image on lightroom and then in affinity, the same image. do a quick comparison and let me know. test on subjects who dress a light blue color, it should be very noticeable. if I try to correct the magenta adding green I loose the skin tones. it's not possible to work with this problem please give me a suggestion. I opened a topic on the ipad sub forum, take a look for a sample. if you need more beta test samples I'll provide it let me know. I quit here to do not exsagerate cross post (I started talking about the problem on the other topic).
  9. before I buy affinity on ipad I wanted to test the software and did a comparison on a friendly PC: lightroom vs affinity with raw pics. in all the samples I tested (all raw pics from canon 7D) affinity show very unnatural color rendition with a really strong magenta cast. If i try to correct it adding some "green" I loose completely the skin tones, so I really need your support I need to know: is the problem avaiable also on the ipad version or it's only on the pc? I will never use affinity on pc I really wish to focus this topic on the ipad version. I used the pc only for a quick test, to understand how does the app perform. thx for help, Dan p.s. affinity version for the test is Beta
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