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  1. Given how big video is on social media, and the demand for an alternative to Adobe After Effects for 2D motion graphics, I reckon a massive amount of people would purchase a software equivalent made by Serif. I hope you guys consider this in the future!!
  2. An auto-trace feature would be great in Affinity Designer so as to achieve scaleable distress like effects for graphics on t-shirts etc. For example I'd like to be able to import a black and white posterised image of a stone or metal texture for auto-tracing, then use the result to knock out a distress like effect from a finished logo or whatever - the advantage of auto-trace is that it's scaleable for printing at any size. I often used auto-trace in Illustrator to do the above, and would really like to see this feature in Affinity Designer! I've quickly demonstrated my point further with the attached files below, except I had to use: https://convertio.co/ to convert a posterised image from Affinity Photo to .eps format then opened in Affinity Designer. I combined all the curve layers of the resulting .eps auto-trace effect with the pathfinder, then used the pathfinder again to knock the texture out of the shape, resulting in what could potentially be a totally scaleable logo for print etc. auto-trace_effect.afdesign texture.eps
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