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  1. I've switched to ON1 Photo RAW as it has a DAM that is pretty good and use ON1 in conjunction with Affinity Photo as each does things the other doesn't (for me anyway)
  2. To be fair, that is more or less what they have said. They also want to get Publisher running too (The beta ain't bad). I can still hope though.........
  3. Not quite 3 tools At the moment both Bridge and ON1 have difficulty with .afphoto files, Bridge has issues with ON1 sidecar files. An Affinity DAM would at least be able to handle the .afphoto files and hopefully be more integrated with their whole suite of tools (Photo, Designer and Publisher). So, I'll go for 2 1/2 tools as a best compromise, but at the moment there is nothing that realistically covers Affinity Photo and ON1 adequately (though if someone does know, please, please drop me a line!). I suspect I will have to remain disappointed. I have only been doing serious photography for about a year and really need a catalogue tool. Win Explorer really doesn't cut it in that respect!
  4. I have used it and it is good for editing EXIF data etc and it is certainly better than Windows for management of images However, it means having at least 3 pieces of software, so I am currently looking at Affinity Photo and ON1 Photo RAW (which has a DAM built in). Affinity is missing a trick by not cracking on with their own DAM. They have been promising for a while now.
  5. One reason might be that Adobe thinks it is fine to run other software in the background that carries on monitoring you. I installed Bridge as a standalone and was surprised (not) to find at least 1 (and possibly 3) other Adobe linked licence monitoring software running in the background. Licence monitoring for free software? As Bridge won't run with it blocked I uninstalled it.
  6. At the moment I am using ON1 (they also do the buy it / own it model, rather than the Adobe buy it / We own you model). One that integrates with Affinity would be a damn sight better as far as I am concerned.
  7. Give it time. I just finished teaching 16-19 year olds and before I left I introduced them to Affinity P+D. Adobe seats cost a fortune for education (The discounts are not very good at all btw), so they removed the need for 30 seats, bought Affinity to replace those and used the £1,000's for other software. Students will thus be using both Adobe and Affinity before they go out into the workplace. As more and more come through the system the chances are that companies will also start to adapt as they will not have to worry about (to them) a step into the unknown away from Adobe, incurring training costs etc
  8. abr files (brushes) work fine so any you already have that you used with Photoshop will be ok, and the same with fonts (which are OS system specific and not just restricted to Photoshop). Most of the other file types associated with Photoshop presets such as pat and grd etc don't work with Affinity Photo as far as I am aware.
  9. Started with Photoshop 6 right through to CC2017, but I was lucky and always got it free as part of my job teaching. As I am leaving teaching (in 7 days in fact) I started looking at costs of paying myself over these last few months. Photoshop is a fine program and have made a lot of use over the years but sometimes I am tempted to use the term 'bloatware' as they have crammed more and more into it, not to mention the software rental model they have moved made it unattractive. After a few searches one name kept coming up as an alternative and that was of course Affinity Photo, so I gave the trial a whirl and then bought it as I was hooked! Does just what I need which is photography. I even convinced work (A college in the UK) and they used it to save a shed load of money by ditching 15 of their monthly licences. The students love it too. Results wise, I find that I get better and quicker results using Affinity vs using Photoshop, and even my favourite plugins work too (DxO's Colour Efex Pro and HDR Pro).
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