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  1. The PowerMac is a maxed out 2004 model that can't go beyond Leopard. I tried asking people on the Fusion forums and no one got back to me. I might just give Parallels a try though I don't completely trust Microsoft.
  2. I still have a PowerMac that has FreeHand and Leopard on it but it is S-L-O-W. Was hoping to run it on a brand new iMac instead. I just bought a Snow Leopard disc but haven't made it work yet. I might have to make the disc into a disc image first and then install the disc image in Fusion? I could go into the old computer and convert everything to EPS but it would be so much nicer to do on a new machine. My old Mac Mini only had 16gb of ram so it would have been hard to run Snow Leopard at the same time I ran Sierra but with 64gb that wouldn't be a problem so it would be nice to put those advanced specs to use.
  3. One thing I would really like from a Lightroom like product would be to have a tagging system that is the same as the OS tagging system. If I search for a tag in the Finder/Spotlight it should also pick the tags in the photo editing program and the other way around. I can sort of understand why this didn't work when LR came out because at the time the Mac didn't have tagging but if we are starting with an all new product then the product should do this.
  4. I know there are a lot of FreeHand users on this forum since we have had discussions in the past and I was wondering how successful people are getting it to work on a modern computer? When I try to import FH work into Affinity I can't 100% of it to come across so somehow I need to get Snow Leopard to work. I was wondering if anyone was using using FH via virtualization? I tried to get SL to run via VMware's Fusion but it seems like wants to have SL Server(?) which doesn't make any sense to me. Anyways it someone has this set up I would really like to know how it is done. I've got a lot of FH work stored that I would love to access again and I have 64gb of ram so I can easily run two operating systems side by side.
  5. It didn't seem like Quark would have as many extensions as InDesign given the fact that it has lost marketshare. Hopefully the new competitive upgrade will increase some marketshare and make more extensions available.
  6. Mike, the LR like products are still very new (about 10 years old) where the layout tools are closer to 30. There is still a lot of ground to cover in this area. It is interesting to me how Apple scrapped both of their photo catalog tools in favor of a new one (Aperture and iPhoto which got replaced by Photos.) This shows in part that the pace of development in this area is moving quite quickly with a lot of innovation still in the pipeline. I haven't used Ventura so I can't comment on that. Jens, as far as all the internet development tools I am wondering what the demand is for doing that in tool like ID and Quark over using apps that are specifically made for web design? Perhaps Affinity's persona feature would make this workflow significantly better? (A persona for web development, print, and ebook?)
  7. I am curious to what areas you would think Affinity would do much better then Quark and/or ID? Having a single file format would be nice and could provide an new interesting way to work but beyond that it is hard for me to think of features that Serif would come out with that the other two couldn't just immediately copy with a vastly larger feature set.
  8. Over the last couple of days I have been trying out the latest version of Quark that I have been really enjoying using (2017 is the only version I have used.) To me it seems like this is going to be a very hard area for Serif to compete in given that there are two products that many are happy with that have been advancing since the 1980s (or at least there are people that are happy with one of those two options.) Even if Publisher was out today it would still have a massive challenge in competing with these two options especially at Quark's new low $400 entry price (and yes that is low for a product of that level.) To me it seems like Lightroom like products would be so much easier to compete with due to the fact that it is a field that is only about ten years old and still has a lot of room to grow. I still have several major grips with LR and also the way that Affinity Photo interacts with catalog software like Apple Photos. It just seems like the more logical step to me. I think the fact that LR is the one app that hasn't not yet been subscription only shows that Adobe is aware that customers could easily move off this product to a competitor more easily then many other more well established products.
  9. I didn't realize that clicking "separated mode" again would bring all the panels back together. It took me a couple of days to figure that out. I thought that merge and seperate where two opposing functions.
  10. I needed to go into separated mode today and was surprised to find that I couldn't get back to the normal view later. If I select merge under the window menu the checkmark remains on separated mode. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? I don't use separated mode enough to know if this behavior is unusual. Seems like it should just snap back into the view that is just windows in front of a blank background rather then seeing all my other app windows behind me.
  11. I have never heard of a feature like that. Can other programs do that like InDesign?
  12. There is already a feature that shows outlines of your design (command-y.) That is what I want except in print form rather then on my screen. If Serif already has a similar feature it seems like it wouldn't be much more work to implement it to print. I'll try your way to do it, thanks for the suggestion.
  13. Making the fills white (or non) would be my preferred option so I could print right from my office and hang things up. I think if Serif added an option to skip this step that would be really helpful. There is an option to print color posters as black and white in the print settings but I would use the outline only feature even more it they added it. Thanks for the suggestion.
  14. I would like to print a poster on my printer that uses expensive ink to be able to see what it looks like at full scale in my print out. There will be several tweeks before the finished posters so I would like to not waste ink. Is there any way to do this? I didn't see the option in the print dialog box.
  15. I am glad to see more layout features coming to Affinity 1.6! :) I am currently finishing a typography class and the software has been doing quite well for most of my assignments. The new font features are greatly appreciated.
  16. I am beginning to think that Serif needs to rise their prices so that they can bring on board more developers. More concerned with getting new graphics apps then with low prices.

    1. KipV


      It seems like this would be a really high demand job especially for a product that has won awards. How strange.

    2. Patrick Connor

      Patrick Connor

      Lots of applicants don't meet our standards. Not popular with quite the right people...

    3. KipV


      It seems like there would be at least a few people at Adobe who are not happy with the direction of illustrator who would want to bring their expertise to a product they believe in. I realize many of those people might not know all the Apple technologies that have sprouted up in the last few years though.

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  17. A couple months ago I was asking for help from the community on technical issues around designing the book (thanks for that!) and since then the book was published and now available for purchase. I used both apps for designing the cover and back cover but used Lightroom for editing the black and white photos on the inside. Affinity probably would have done well on the inside was well. Generally quite pleased with the programs for layout and am looking forward to future versions! https://www.amazon.com/Changed-Forever-Jimbo-Bailey-Story/dp/B01MS1D4A7/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1484346928&sr=8-1&keywords=jimbo+bailey
  18. I used to use Apple Mail as my default mail app and love the steps that were saved by using the share feature from within the Affinity apps. Since I moved to Postbox I have lost that feature. Email sharing works in Finder, Photos, Safari, etc to Postbox but will not work in Affinity to Postbox. I talked to the Affinity developers and I think they said that sharing works differently with Affinity? I would love it if someone could get this sorted out so I could share from Affinity to Postbox like could used to do with Apple Mail.
  19. I restored my Apple Photos Library from Time Machine and everything worked fine. Now it looks like I just need to export those files out to the Finder and work on them form there.
  20. I ended up just exporting the files out to the Finder and then opened those photos up in Affinity from there. I may just export all those large files from Photos to the Finder. I hope at some point Affinity adds Lightroom like photo navigation so I don't have to depend on the Finder to search for photos since it doesn't do that great of a job at it. The Finder is ok for the time being I suppose.
  21. Usually all my Affinity changes show up in Apple Photos but when I go to make further edits in Affinity all the changes get lost. Is this happening to anyone else? Is this a bug? It almost seems like I should just edit all my photos from the Finder since it doesn't look like the Apple Photo to Affinity Photo "edit in" feature is working. Frustrating. The layers usually get flattened when exiting from Affinity but does that mean I can't go back and keep the look of the edits I just did? That doesn't make sense to me.
  22. Most of these photos have exceeded the 16 MB change limit so that might have something to do with it too.
  23. Also I am on Apple Photos 1.5 could that be part of the problem. I don't know if 2.0 is better.
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