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  1. Capture One Pro is pretty good but I wish it had a couple of LR features. I decided to not upgrade to their latest version since it didn't have the features that I thought was the most important.
  2. Wow Affinity apps on iPad are great! Just used them in depth for the first time for an extended period of time. Apple just needs to put as much ram as there is in their laptops into their iPads so the apps don't have to keep restarting all the time.

  3. I haven't got Quicklook to work with Affinity on iPad at all. Are you saying that Quicklook works but just that you can't zoom into the document? Being able to access the feature at all would be a huge improvement for me. The only thing it has ever opened for me (on iOS, iPadOS) is very common formats like jpg, Pdf, etc. File management on iPad just seems flaky to me. For an example I have been able to Airdrop between my Mac and iPad.
  4. I am curious to how pre-flight compares to the latest InDesign. I have mostly been on the older ID like CS6 but it doesn't seem like the new versions have changed much from CS6 in this area. Quark's rules felt a little hard to work with to me.
  5. Yeah that's wonderful! I kept arguing with the Quark guys about adding pre-flight but they seemed to think the rules feature was good enough. That should give them a lot of competition given on top of the fact that the pages panel also works much better in Publisher than Quark as well.
  6. The initial versions of Mac OS X were quite inconsistent. They had about 2 or 3 interfaces going on at the same time; aqua and brushed metal. I remember it taking the better part of a decade to let it evolve.
  7. I guess I personally just don't have a major issue with it. I just noticed the "M" in brackets which is inconstant from everything else I think.
  8. I actually don't have a problem with it's looks I just want it to function like the other programs and be able to edit the file name data. I think it looks pretty good on a large desktop screen which, I am sure, is the way they planned for people to use it. Laptops always have to deal with not really having the ideal amount of space which is one of the reasons they came out with the sidecar feature.
  9. The customize toolbar options are about the same as they have always been. I just meant that I personally don't turn on the text below the labels. You have the option of removing the file name which I imagine many people on smaller laptop screens will do. I have to wonder if the filename area will be brought to the other Affinity apps? I haven't used the Windows versions I wonder if someone on Windows knows if Photo and Designer 1.8 has it?
  10. Putting the file name in the center of the menu bar keeps it unified with all other Mac apps. If it was moved to the left would be using Windows UI conventions.
  11. I don't have titles turned on though so it makes no difference to me. All I see are giant gaps of blank space between the buttons. I could see it working some what similar to iTunes were the song the artist, song and album info scrolls along when you hover over it if everything doesn't fit in the allocated area at once. It wouldn't need to be a pop up menu that you click on. I just brought up the pop up menu to as a way to keep it interface inline with most over Mac apps these days.
  12. Mojave toolbar buttons are way too small. I also don't see why the persona buttons need to get a lot closer. I am curious about the title area of the document. Will I eventually be able to click on that and be able to change the document title, tags, and location like with many other programs? If so that would be a useful update to the way 1.7 is. I hope these interface improvements get in place before bring the interface over to Photo and Designer. I hope you can also enlarge the tools icons on the left side of the screen as well.
  13. I have always had problems editing with Affinity in the Apple Photo app no matter which OS I am on.
  14. I always thought the Windows and Mac releases came out around the same time. I would bet there is extra work being done Catalina support since there are major foundational changes.
  15. It looks like the linked files crash was fixed as well. For a while it seemed like every time I had a linked file Publisher crashed, sometimes even embedded if I remember right. Glad to see things are working.
  16. Exporting as PDF seems like a fine workaround at the moment. Fortunately I only use Publisher for really basic projects at the moment so this kind of bug doesn't effect me all that bad.
  17. I wouldn't expect much out of an app that is on it's first couple of versions. Designer and Photo had time to fix and mature.
  18. I may not have listed that problem in the same post. I think my original report said it was crashing on launch and I don't think the beta does that anymore. I can't get the print dialog to show up at the moment.
  19. When I try to print my ID badges file (the file I sent in to Affinity for testing) it still crashes when I go to print. Whether the images have been embedded or not makes no difference.
  20. I would presume it would work very similarly to the way Photoshop is supported. Somehow Serif needs to get around this completely closed system. It needs to work much better with other products like Capture One, Quark etc. This is especially true for products they don't offer alternative to like video programs. Adobe even has their own video solution and yet they still support Final Cut. For Serif to not offer this option, even though they may never have a video option is nuts. They need to get their act together in this area.
  21. Have there been any updates on this topic since 2017? I am think about buying Final Cut but whether or not it has Affinity support would be one of the reasons I buy it or not.
  22. Love the new beta label on the icon! Doesn't look like a red notification anymore.
  23. I just opened the embedded file on the iMac that has crashing and it stopped crashing!! This goes for both MAS and beta. With this file it may work since I don't swap out the images much/ever but I wonder about other files that may work better linked. Hopefully you can figure out what is wrong with the linking as well. Interesting how easy it is to switch between linked and embedded. I plan to pass this file around between employees, maybe it would be better to give them one big file with embedded images instead of a bunch of linked files. It will use some of the same files over and over again which was why I linked it to begin with.
  24. I have so many different versions of the file at this point I have lost track of which one should be getting the warning message for missing resources. It always crashed just on the iMac but did you mean embed everything on the MacBook and then bring it over to the iMac to see if it crashes?
  25. I imagine it's a lot of work to start a new suite of software from scratch.
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