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  1. @Quarian I did the same thing on my old mac except I had the two OSs on their own hard drives.


    I have gotten over using Freehand at this point. With all the good things you could say about it there were a number of things it didn't do very well. The layers panel was really bad and it had too many panels that just floated around the screen, and the effects features were painfully slow. It was a good product for it's time but mostly dated now.

  2. Yeah, I am welll aware of Google+'s lack of engagement in general but it's communities features is actually used quite heavily. Just look at the involvment between the iDraw groups in FB and G+:








    It's not uncommon for the G+ group to get 10 comments per post. Also check out how they sort the topics. There is a section for types of illustration, discussion area, the ability to view just the photos by themselves, planned events, etc.

  3. I saw that Affinity runs a Facebook and Twitter account but I would also suggest that they should run a Google+ community. I don't think it is all that important to have a Google+ profile as much as it is to run a community page. I subscribe to several communities of graphics programs on there and I find that they work better then Facebook groups.


    They are wonderful for displaying artwork, posts can be categorized easily, and it has a notification system that works across all Google products (YouTube, Gmail, Google search.) Despite the stigma that supposibly no one uses Google+ I find that the communities are at least as active if not more so then their corresponding FB groups.

  4. I think the best solution for running old software like Freehand is to have two computers; an old computer for the old software and a new computer for the new software. I just don't think it is realistic for software companies to support an OS from five versions back. I liked freehand a lot too but that was thirteen years ago, at some point you just need to keep the old with the old and the new with the new. If you only use the program occasionally it shouldn't be too big of a difficulty to move back and forth between two machines.


    I guess one of the reasons I am against really old OSs is that I would like to see Affinity take advantage of some of the latest features in Mavericks and Yosemite particularly those that have to do with file managment (duplicate, rename, move, revert to, iCloud Drive, etc.) Other graphics apps like Sketch and Pixelmator already have these features so I would like to see Affinity catch up in those areas as quickly as possible but I don't think that can happen while they are simultaneously trying to support Snow Leopard. Pixelmator actually requires Mavericks to run so they aren't doing any backwards compatibility at all. I can see maybe going back one old version but if you do much more then that the program won't be able to live up to it's full potential.

  5. I was so excited when I first opened mission control and saw that you could choose to open a file by either using tabs or mission control! With every other app they forced me to rely on tabs only or mission control only.


    My feature request is to do just one little adjustment to perfect this feature. Usually when you have several windows open and then switch to the view all windows by all applications mode in mission control an app will have several windows open will tile each window and you can then pick which window you want from there. Would it be possible to add that feature from an app like Affinity that uses tabs? That would be super useful if it worked that way.

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