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  1. It is not a slap in the face. You are getting a product at a price that is vastly cheaper then the competition. I see the version number more as a number for the suite then for the individual product. If a bigger update (like a version 2.0) is in the works I am sure it would also take longer to make so I can't see it being released soon anyways.
  2. Interesting most people are choosing "other" in the poll. Perhaps I should have entering in more software titles to pick from but I am not aware of other titles which would do PDF editing. I would be interested to hear about other good options.
  3. A couple days ago I asked about the value of pdfTool in a Quark forum. One comment was unexpected in that they pointed out that the tool is especially good for adding to a Publisher workflow in that it hasn't been around as long and may need a little more help than mature products like Quark and InDesign. That one perspective alone almost justified it's $500+ price tag. I wanted to know have other people found that those two products work really well together? Publisher is the only tool in the suite I haven't explored extremely in depth and I haven't even installed pdfToolbox yet. I like how Serif keeps the price low which allows for workflows like installing it on non-designers computers as I mentioned a couple days ago. Since the work in my company needs to pass by me the more expensive product (pdfToolbox) only needs to be installed on my machine. At first I didn't understand the very low pricing that Serif was doing but now it makes sense. I have even grown to like the name in that it may confuse some Microsoft Publisher users to accidentally start using Serif Publisher.
  4. Probably about zero knowledge of graphics software due to it not being around when they were in school. Or close to zero. I think they understand the idea of overflow text by just watching me work as they ask me to edit text they want. It should be a fairly easy concept to explain to them, the idea of expanding the size of the text boxes. Fortunately it doesn't get into the complexity of book design where linked text boxes gets a lot more complex, just one and two page design. I probably won't be using master pages for this type of work. I haven't been using Publisher enough to know if it lets you pick between embedding and linking? I am thinking of putting together a employee badges that have their pictures so a file may have dozens of images. Their computers should have enough processing power to handle that though I would think. Presumingly Publisher has a relink dialog? As long as the images are kept in the same folder it would be a matter of selecting one of the files and the rest should link up too. Maybe this would be a case for embedding photos? That way we could just get around the broken link issue entirely. I think one of the things dropbox would get around is needing to deal with path related issues. Probably best to have links and be done in dropbox. Ideally the files should be available whenever they decide they want to change the text.
  5. I was having this discussion with Mike Wenzloff in a Quark forum yesterday which was a great help to where I may go with this workflow. I wanted to ask the same question here to see if there is any serious pitfall I am not seeing among other Affinity users. I work for a company that does a lot of basic layouts; brochures, badges, mailers. I would like to buy Publisher for their machines so that I could just send them a Publisher file in Dropbox and they could change any text right from the program. They currently do this with MS Office files so it seems like moving to this workflow with our advertising would make as much sense. I'm on Mac they are on Windows and some also use iPads if Publisher comes to iPad at some point. Is anyone else doing something similar to this? Having that low price opens up workflows that I haven't tried before. I am also planning on incorporating other tools like Slack and Dropbox in this workflow.
  6. And make Affinity files work fully with Capture One (like how you can send a file to PS in LR and back again.)
  7. I wonder if I should buy Publisher now or get the Mac App Store version so that I can write a review of it when it comes out?
  8. I wasn't thinking serif would do but a 3rd party. The ID one I was talking about is 3 party. Quark unfortunately doesn't have something like that which is surprising for how long it has been out.
  9. I would love to see a plug-in like Barcode maker that is on InDesign. I would like to pass off some of my barcode work to non-designers at my company but it's hard to justify them buying a copy of ID and Barcode Maker just so that they can do this one function. I wonder if there is a good solution to do this in Word? That way they could use a program that they are very familiar with.
  10. Ok, that makes sense. I suppose that way you can you could see a preview image of each version in the Finder anyways. I'll just do it that way.
  11. I just noticed the clip feature which is a pretty neat function. I would like to make an unclipped version of the project I am working on and was wondering can I have both version in the same file? Do I make a duplicate of this file and have two separate files? When I make variations with Design and Publisher I do it within the same file.
  12. I didn't even think about putting it on the left. I can only have one on each side plus the tools panel. In most cases that should be adequate (more space for the image) but for some projects I may want more. I can't understand what platform would have to do with it though. Adobe on Mac lets me put multiple panels on each side.
  13. Right now panels can snap into place horizontally but if I have a large screen it would be nice if I could put several panels side by side and then they would move when I resize the window.
  14. Nice! Worked perfectly. It seemed like there was some way to do this. A good update for Affinity Photo's book would be to mention the "Erase White Paper" feature around the section on clippings. That was where I first looked but I couldn't find it. A lot of people set up photos with white backgrounds so they can make clippings as easy as possible. It would be much better if that info was easy to find. I still can't find it in the book even though I know the feature exists.
  15. I just bought some clip art with a white background and I was hoping it would be super easy to select the image (without the white background) and drop it in to my collage. I thought the photo would come with a cutout but that doesn't appear to be the case. Is there an easy way to select those small details on the branches?
  16. I have to keep wondering how much of this would be fixed it Serif just put out their own DAM like they said they would eventually. What is hard to tell is I don't know how much of this is Serif's fault and how much of it is Apple's fault. We may complain on Serif's forums and it could have more to do with Apple's program. It might also be that both programs are relatively new apps and both companies haven't had time to think out how this works all the way.
  17. 100 reputation points! Yay!

  18. If you could obtain a copy of CS6 it would probably run it on Mojave.
  19. Nice to know there is some good competition on both platforms! Serif is taking on the Adobe's graphics programs and we now have similar bridge products. In some ways they doing better then bridge since part of bridge died when Mini-Bridge inside of InDesign was killed.
  20. Update, the developer keeps putting out great updates in the betas since I wrote my initial post. Dark mode in Mojave has been wonderful. He also has another file navigation program called Tembo that hopefully should get updated soon as well.
  21. Sometimes I like to zoom out and look at one of my layouts but I noticed that with Publisher the pages are so close together that I can't just focus on one layout at a time. In this case I am designing a YouTube thumbnail so I want to see what it will look like reduced way down. With Designer I could just select the art board tool and space the art board apart but there doesn't seem to be a similar solution like this on designer. I would prefer to stay working in Publisher since it is a real design tool. Is there some option for selecting page spacing?
  22. It seems to be working from my laptop now (1.6) but I don't think it was working that way from my desktop last night. Anyways what should be important at this point is that it works in 1.7.
  23. Copy and paste is greyed out for me in 1.6. I wonder why? Is it grey out for other people in 1.6? That's pretty interesting, I didn't even think about Designer having adjustment layers since it doesn't have a tab in the sidebar. I will have to start working with those developer persona presets some more. It would be awesome to be able to see several photos and edit them at the same time like how you can see a line of photos in Lightroom and apply that same adjustment at once.
  24. I just noticed this feature in 1.7! I love doinh that in Lightroom so I am so excited that Affinity now does this! I checked to see if 1.6 could do this and it appears that it can not. This is very quick editing if you have a photo shoot all done in the same place and all photos in the shoot need to be adjusted by about the same amount.
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