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  1. Dave, When I made my original post I don't think the extensions feature was available, at least not from within Photos. I have now used extensions from Affinity and Pixelmator and they work great! It's a pretty neat idea to use the features inside of the program rather then having to switch to the more advanced program if you only need a few features. It would be nice if there was a way to have those features come up by default so they wouldn't even have to be selected each time you click edit.

  2. While you are making changes to save and open could you also incorporate the standard way that Mac apps let you save from the menu bar? Also the duplicate, rename, move to, revert to, features are enormously helpful rather then having to switch over to the Finder to search for those files and then work with them. Tagging files seems especially problematic since when I save them from the save as menu they don't get saved. I usually have to go into the Finder to save those tags.



  3. Having search boxes in panels is always important especially when you are working on a compact screen. Without the search box you have to do a lot of tedious scrolling a small space. This is made worse if you have several panels stacked on top of each other.


    The reason I thought of quick apply is it uses the same search box in the center of the screen that the last two versions of macOS spotlight use (and Bulter, Launchbar, etc.) I don't think Adobe has brought this tool to their other apps yet... I wonder why? It might be something to think about for future versions but I probably wouldn't put it at the top of the list. 


    The 'spotlight search' is just the little search box at the bottom of the styles panel - nothing quite as fancy as the other feature you mentioned, sorry :(



  4. I am really glad the eye picker is so much easier to use now! Using the "I" button for the shortcut makes sense to me and keeps it consistent with Adobe programs which many people will keep using for quite some time. 


    I would like to know more about the styles spotlight like search. Are you talking about the search box at the top of the text styles palette? Or is this some kind of "quick apply" like tool like in InDesign? With quick apply you fit command spacebar and get a spotlight like tool to apply an attribute to an object.

  5. I wonder if most people would skip downloading the minor bug fix update to check out the release with the major new features? Since people already have a stable version of the product most might not bother with small bug fix update.


    I would very much like to see the Affinity products put on a 2 tier cycle.


    1. Beta releases for features that are baked in but not yet ready for the public consumption. Here, the community members can report bugs, etc. 


    2. Alfa releases or bleeding edge releases for features in development cycle.

    That way the community members can comment quite early on the features proposed by Serif and hone in on how they expect these feature to work.

    Basically, it gives Serif a very early feedback on the features being developed.


    My 2cents.

  6. Yeah, some of the menu items could go to the Window menu. I could also see something like a new layout menu where you could put items like guides, rulers, snapping, etc. Then again when Serif comes out with the layout program it will be entirely based around layout so maybe that wouldn't make sense.


    Maybe move all the Studio panels from the View menu to the Window menu... 

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