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  1. I keep getting this error when I save a file from within affinity that was opened in Apple Photos. When this comes up it deletes all the work I did in my edit! Why does this happen? It is a very frequent error.


    It says it failed to save since it was already open in another app but opening the photo in Apple Photos is the only way to get to the editing extension. I am very confused as to why this keeps happening.


  2. I needed to go into separated mode today and was surprised to find that I couldn't get back to the normal view later. If I select merge under the window menu the checkmark remains on separated mode. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? I don't use separated mode enough to know if this behavior is unusual. Seems like it should just snap back into the view that is just windows in front of a blank background rather then seeing all my other app windows behind me.

  3. Making the fills white (or non) would be my preferred option so I could print right from my office and hang things up. I think if Serif added an option to skip this step that would be really helpful. There is an option to print color posters as black and white in the print settings but I would use the outline only feature even more it they added it. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. That's too bad since it is a very basic operation I usually rely on for doing clipping paths for a very long time now. If I have a solid background around an object it is usually quickest to just use the wand tool to select the background to select most of what I want then use the brush to do detail around the part , do an inverse selection and then convert that to paths. Is this on the to do list?

  5. On the other hand, you guys need to eat! ;)


    I don't have any problem with doing a paid update at this point either. 1.0 was missing a number of important features so all these free updates made sense but now that 1.5 is quite good I don't see why there needs to be another long line of free updates without putting a paid release in there somewhere. It's much more important to me that Serif can expand their staff and product line then for me to keep getting updates at no charge. Maybe just roll a couple of updates into one (like 1.6 and 1.7) and then call it 2 and make it paid. I know one of the staff since getting more employees is not a matter of where they are financially but I also got a newsletter saying just about the opposite of that. It said that they rely on the customers to advertise the product since all the money was getting put into developing it and there were not funds left to go into other areas.

  6. A couple months ago I was asking for help from the community on technical issues around designing the book (thanks for that!) and since then the book was published and now available for purchase. I used both apps for designing the cover and back cover but used Lightroom for editing the black and white photos on the inside. Affinity probably would have done well on the inside was well. Generally quite pleased with the programs for layout and am looking forward to future versions!



  7. I want to back track I little on what I posted this July about extensions working great. As much as a love AP as a Photoshop replacement the combination of AP and Apple Photos can't touch LR. There are just too many issues between the two apps:


    - Photos will get flattened if over a certain size.

    - Files sometimes don't get saved.


    This caused me to end up saving my Affinity work in the Finder but unfortunately photos of a certain size don't seem to give previews either. In my opinion AP most needed feature is to make it catch up with LR more then with Photoshop. I noticed that this is by far my highest viewed topic so clearly this issue matters to most people. Hopefully improvements in this area will get moved up Serif's list of priorities.

  8. I used to use Apple Mail as my default mail app and love the steps that were saved by using the share feature from within the Affinity apps. Since I moved to Postbox I have lost that feature. Email sharing works in Finder, Photos, Safari, etc to Postbox but will not work in Affinity to Postbox. 


    I talked to the Affinity developers and I think they said that sharing works differently with Affinity? I would love it if someone could get this sorted out so I could share from Affinity to Postbox like could used to do with Apple Mail.

  9. I ended up just exporting the files out to the Finder and then opened those photos up in Affinity from there. I may just export all those large files from Photos to the Finder. I hope at some point Affinity adds Lightroom like photo navigation so I don't have to depend on the Finder to search for photos since it doesn't do that great of a job at it. The Finder is ok for the time being I suppose.

  10. Usually all my Affinity changes show up in Apple Photos but when I go to make further edits in Affinity all the changes get lost. Is this happening to anyone else? Is this a bug? It almost seems like I should just edit all my photos from the Finder since it doesn't look like the Apple Photo to Affinity Photo "edit in" feature is working. Frustrating. The layers usually get flattened when exiting from Affinity but does that mean I can't go back and keep the look of the edits I just did? That doesn't make sense to me.

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