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  1. The rotation gesture works for me in apps like Preview so I would think it is turned on under Mac OS settings. The rotation in preview doesn't work exactly the way I wanted it to. I was hoping it would rotate more like Photoshop where I could pick any angle I want rather then just 45º increments. That is more important to me then gesture support. If any developers are reading this please add that!
  2. Yes I would love to switch! I have always loved how Photoshop let you drag canvas to any degree so I was really waiting for that to come to Affinity. Sadly the preference option isn't working for me either.
  3. It still isn't working for me in either app. Zooming works fine though. Since this is a beta I am sure it is something that is just messing up on my machine.
  4. I saw this under help for the latest beta: "Using a trackpad device allows you to intuitively rotate the canvas using gestures." Nothing happens when I try the traditional rotation gesture (thumb and pointer finger then rotate.) I would really like to rotate in more then just 45º increments so I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what I might be doing wrong.
  5. I just tried Pixelmator on one of those machines in an Apple store I was surprised to find it actually preformed ok so it made me wonder how well Affinity would do. I am sure it would have to be one of the only apps running to work given that it only has 8gb ram and 1.2Mhz dual core processor. I thought that I might be able to do some light work on one of these machines along with word processing, email, etc.
  6. It would be handy to not only see the first artboard in quicklook but all of the artboards in that file.
  7. MEB, Currently when you drop a middle swatch onto an end swatch it replaces that swatch color. Right now there are two ways to delete a swatch, the way I just mentioned and hitting the delete key. Do we need both ways to delete a swatch? If we can replace a color on the gradient without a modifier key couldn't the swatch swap function replace the delete swap since delete can already be accomplished with the delete key? Maybe I am missing something from what you and Matt are saying.
  8. I am sorry I didn't follow what this was referring to since it was a long post. Could you tell me what two situations are uncommon?
  9. Paolo - I still wouldn't see any problem with the swap feature even with swatches that are as tightly grouped as you have in your example. If anything the most difficult part of working with that gradient might be just trying to select one of those swatches! But once you have it selected you could still drag the light grey over the dark grey and they would swap. No amount of close proximity should prevent this feature from happening in the same way that having many icons in the OS X dock would make swapping icon position more difficult. There doesn't need to be shortcut combinations to do a swap in the same way that you currently don't need a shortcut when you drag a color swatch onto the end of a gradient to replace it's color.
  10. A few years ago I made some booklets on my laser printer using ID, It's a bit surprising to me how difficult that task is. I guess ID is set up better to go to offset or ebook. I hope Affinity Publisher makes this task easier.
  11. Hi Paolo, I am not exactly sure what your comment on the multitude of points meant. My point was more about making it easier to swap colors in the center with the end point which should still work the same if there is only three points or many. Maybe I didn't understand your question completely.
  12. That gradient bug doesn't effect me on either the latest beta or the stable build.
  13. Matt, I noticed that right now when you drag the swatch down to the end it deletes the color that was there previously. If a person's goal is to replace the end swatch with the middle swatch they could always easily do that by selecting the swatch that is now in the middle and hitting delete.
  14. Matt, I think we can reach a common ground between what both of us our saying. If I could drag the middle swatch in the gradient down to the end so it "bumped" the end swatch in the gradient down a way from the end a little (so the two swatches swapped places) I would be fine with that solution. This way there would always be a swatch at the end of the gradient and yet it would be vastly easier to perform the color location swap. For an example of what I mean by swatch swapping think about how dragging an icon over other dock icons causes them to shift to the side as they are passed over. I could see something exactly like that used with the swatches. This seems like it would be a solution that actually works better then Graphic since it gives you the best of both worlds.
  15. MEB - What I would like for it to do is make it easy to move the purple to the end of the gradient (I am going off of the example video.) Yes, I could click on the blue and change it to purple but I want to keep the blue in the gradient. Try doing this operation in Graphic (switch the blue and purple) and then try doing the same thing in Affinity. With Graphic there really is nothing to it; you move the blue away from the end which frees up space where you can drop a copy or move the blue. Matt - This problem effects both gradient tools if I remember correctly.
  16. I finally got around to adding my graphic design portfolio on to Pinterest. Most was done with Adobe / Macromedia but I can guarantee that is going to change as I keep posting more work!
  17. PLEASE SERIF, make using colors with the Affinity gradient tool as easy to use as it is in Graphic! This is the main big blemish on Affinity Designer.
  18. I like that all my apps are using the same cloud service built into the OS. I never liked Adobe's approach of having to start up a service that is completely separate from the one I already have and isn't built into the OS.
  19. Affinity on the Pro looks like it would be a lot better then on the 10" iPad. The screen is so small on that iPad that the side panels annoyingly keep closing whenever you start to draw. It is unfortunate that some of the iPhone features didn't make it over though. It seems like the way you can hold down on a button and get a drop down menu would be useful on the iPad Pro as well.
  20. My thoughts on the name changes so far. ProPublisher sounds good and isn’t too specific like press or print is (since I am sure there will be tools for ebooks, web, etc.) Layout is also a broad enough term. I wouldn’t do “Page” since not only does Apple have a Pages app but so does Facebook. This means that a lot of people would have three apps named Pages on their devices. The publisher name reminds me a little bit of what they did with myspace a few years ago. They totally overhauled the site into a superior service but whenever someone says “myspace” we all think of that social network from 10 years ago that everyone stopped using.
  21. Thanks Matt and GRScott, It's good to know that the weight of the logo has also improved along with it being easier to understand what the images are. I no longer work in a company with other designers so having other designers critique my work really helps. I might test out some of the other typefaces I was looking at when first designed the logo a few years ago. I came across several whimsical mostly script like fonts that might work well with the redesign. I attached those to this post. This project was also my first (and last) attempt at trying to do hand drawn type. At the time I was looking at a lot of work by poster designer Jay Ryan who not only drew his posters illustrations but all the type on the posters! The character width and line spacing wasn't quite working on my hand drawn type logo so I had to abandon that idea. I think the women logo makes more sense since it's closer to what the title implies (a circle shape of friends) Still it was a fun experience and I now have huge respect for people who are able to pull off type design like that!
  22. A while ago I went to a portfolio show to get advice from some leading graphic designers in the area. When I showed one designer this logo that I did for a women’s group he said to me that at first didn’t realize that they were people due to their heads not being very visible in front of their arms. He also thought that the curves of the dress made it appear like they were rubber gloves. He suggested that I move the arms further apart so the head would be more visible and to straighten the dress out more. The image on the left is the redesign I did after listening to his advice. There many other type choices I have been experimenting with that I might try as well. I would love to hear what other people think!
  23. I see if you have a stroke the image goes inside the stroke itself. With all the other graphics apps I have used it just clips the fill space inside the object area. That's interesting. My first impression is that this way of doing it is good and bad at the same time. In some ways I need to see the object I am drawing around which I can't do if there is a fill in the way. I guess this means that you have to draw the object and then remember to apply a fill before applying the clipping path. Maybe that is ok.
  24. I got the clipping path to work by giving my object a fill and then applying it to the photo. I am assuming that is a bug? I can't see any good reason the clipping path would need to have a fill.
  25. MEB this didn't work for me. I dragged the layer of an object I drew with the pen tool over a photo layer where I got the small vertical line but then everything just disappeared when I dropped it on top of the layer.
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