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  1. The interesting thing about Affinity's file format is that it uses the same files across the different apps in the suite. This means that any projects I make with Designer I will probably be able to open in Publisher. I have heard that CS6 doesn't work on the new Sierra so maybe I will just stay with Affinity alone when upgrading to Sierra on my Mac. Perhaps I will keep my desktop on El Capitan so I can run Adobe. Maybe later versions of Sierra will run CS6?
  2. @krollian Yes, Freehand worked pretty well for putting objects inside of other objects, much easier then illustrator. @retrograde Now I understand what you meant by distort. I don't use that kind of effect too much so it shouldn't be a problem. @Petar_MK Extra emphasis on the word "some" in that sentence. I realize that if I want to do some layout work such as book layouts I will have to resort to using InDesign on my other computer. Can't wait for Affinity Publisher to come out!
  3. @retrograde I don't distort type as my graphic design instructors were upset with the students that did that! @bleduc The UI features is something Serif has been trying to push. I was thinking more about replacing some of my InDesign jobs with Affinity. Frames is another thing I thought about how I would replace with Affinity. I use frames for cropping photos like this for an example. I don't immediately remember how you do that with Affinity, seems like you use a layer mask?Schedule
  4. When I looked at some of the typography features it seems similar to what you might use with InDesign. I haven't thought of a short coming to this kind of workflow yet.
  5. I do a lot of basic layout work like mailers and such and was wondering how well Designer works in this area. I used to use Freehand as a layout tool way back and found that it actually sometimes worked better then PageMaker which was a real layout program. My laptop is currently Adobe free and I am considering the possibility of keeping it that way.
  6. ScheduleR C-R Can I make "scale with object" to be the default so I don't have to select it each time?
  7. Tagging doesn't work for me even if I save a file that I created in Affinity to begin with. I really wish Affinity would have the standard Mac functions like tagging, file duplication (from inside of the app), file renaming from the title bar, etc. I think before Serif goes on to make an Affinity a Windows program they should first make their Mac apps work like Mac apps. Schedule
  8. Too big! There wasn't a note about maximum file size so I didn't try to downscale far enough. It might be helpful tell people about the file size limit when they upload. Thanks for the help.
  9. I took down my old profile pic and tried uploading a new one but nothing happened. Is this a bug?
  10. By the way I should mention that this isn't my primary machine. I am not trying to do all my work on my MacBook. I am sure there is some heavy duty graphics work that would bring it to it's knees.
  11. With Affinity I mainly do vector. My photography setup with is mostly with Lightroom since I need the cataloging and batch processing features.
  12. I just bought one of the new MacBooks and Affinity works great! In fact canvas rotation works MUCH better. I still don't get smooth 360ยบ canvas rotation on my other computer with my Wacom Tablet. So far only Apple's track pad gives me that.
  13. Exporting to another format is what I have been doing at the moment. Having just one version of the file would be preferable but maybe it's not possible to make a plugin that can do that.
  14. Your welcome. I just upgraded to El Capitan so the Photos extensions are new to me.
  15. I tried it with and without split view and I only appear to get the message with split view.
  16. Here is an error I got when I tried to apply Affinity develop adjustments in Photos. It did a good job editing the photo but just had problems saving the changes.
  17. Ok good. I have heard some mixed reviews on how well it worked so it helps to get a lot of confirmation from others. I just noticed 10.11.2 came out this morning so it looks like it might be a good time to update. I am downloading it now.
  18. I know that a lot of people here are using the CS6 Suite on Mac so I wanted to ask if anyone is using it on El Capitan?
  19. I noticed this in the new beta: - Improved canvas rotation detection logic (to avoid accidentally rotating while zooming).
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