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  1. 2 hours ago, Bri-Toon said:

    When 1.6 released, Designer and Photo came out at the same time. I wonder if all three applications of 1.7 are planned to be released together.

    I just don't see Publisher as something that needs to be rushed to market. I would rather see them focus on innovation for a while longer. Having a product be beta only means that everyone is pitching in with reporting bugs and trying to improve the feature set. I think that is a better stage for Publisher to be in not for it to be production software.

  2. On 2/20/2019 at 2:00 AM, fde101 said:

    There is a checkbox to enable "Facing Pages" when creating a new document or in "Document Setup" - with Publisher this is currently all-or-nothing, you can't really have a mix of them (I do hope they get that fixed eventually, but I wouldn't expect more than this for the first release).

    It looks like the new Publisher (249) lets me type in the "Pages:" area now! That was a fast fix!

    It's been nice to use Publisher for simple layouts like this video thumbnail icon on my YouTube channel. If something goes wrong with the file due a bug it wouldn't be too hard to recreate like a long form book would be or other major project would be. It gives me a way to test the waters a little bit. Nice

    Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 5.26.16 PM.png

  3. Just now, walt.farrell said:

    You only have the "All Spreads" option for Area when your document contains spreads, that is, facing pages.

    I see, I got it to work and now I can also type into the text box for pages. Interesting thing I noticed, when I undid all the spreads I added to the document and got back to two pages again (not facing) it's now letting me put the text insertion into the pages box. Never worked before.

  4. 2 minutes ago, fde101 said:

    Whether it is spread-based (Publisher) or artboard-based (Photo/Designer) it will still be "native" to all three programs, so no real distinction.

    The main distinction is that it doesn't show up in search results, really. I could do a long spotlight search where I go:

    1.content kind:

    2.any are true:

    3. photo

    4. designer

    5. publisher

    But even then I wouldn't be able to narrow down the search results due to getting three times of the results back. It still seems like if the last app I opened the file in is Publisher and I am in the layout stage of the project I should just be able to type in Publisher when doing a search.

    12 minutes ago, fde101 said:

    Try zooming out until multiple pages are visible at the same time, then which one is current?

    Page two is current which was the page that was selected before I started zooming out.

    19 minutes ago, fde101 said:

    I don't have it in front of me right now to check, but if memory serves, I think you need to select a specific option for that to be enabled? 

    I don't think so, the options right above the "Pages:" text box is "all pages" and "current page" and if one of those is selected you couldn't also select a limited range of pages since those options can't be true all at the same time. The other options under jpeg export "size" and "quality" I am able to type in.

  5. 14 minutes ago, fde101 said:

    The document you attached has an .afphoto extension so that makes sense and should be expected.

    No, because it is a now a layout document with multiple pages, text, bleeds, measured out to the correct size for what it is being applied to, etc. It is past the photo editing stage. Even if I needed to do another photo edit that could be done via the Photo persona once that feature is ready. There doesn't appear to be a way to search for all Affinity documents either so I need to rely on this weird thought process of "let's see what app did I start creating this file in" rather than what will more likely be on my mind "what is the present form of the document I want to work on."

    38 minutes ago, fde101 said:

    If you have something on page 1 selected when you attempt this does it still do that?  Just checking because there have been reports of this where people had simply scrolled to make one page visible on the screen but had not actually made it the current page - those are two different concepts in Publisher.

    This seems to be working okay now. I notice it is not clear when a page is selected. Sometimes there is a grey box around the page in the pages thumbnail area but when you click on the thumbnail it becomes more of a slate color and I am not sure what the difference is between the two types of highlights. From what I can gather grey is just the page you have scrolled to. I can't see what the difference would be between scrolling to a page or selecting it, either way it is still "the current page" and that is what should be exported.

    Are you able to type page numbers into the type box from the export screen? I can't even get the insertion point blinker to come up.

  6. I tried to re-export it again this morning and I have different things happening now (I first discovered this problem a week ago and have since probably restarted my computer.) The file no longer exports as the layout was in the past but it doesn't always get export "current page" right. When I try to "export current page" which is page 1 it exports page 2. When I export "all pages" it exports both page 1 and 2. Also the "pages:" number entry area won't let me type in anything if I wanted to type in a range of numbers.

    Another separate problem I noticed when searching for the file in Spotlight is when I do a search for "kind:Affinity Publisher" Spotlight only finds files that were initially created with Publisher. Since this document started in Affinity Photo it doesn't show up in search results. Spotlight doesn't have an option of searching


  7. Something strange I noticed when I exported a simple two page layout recently. Publisher didn't export the file as it looks in the program currently but rather as an old version from several days ago. I have never seen anything like this as I exported files in the past. Has that happened to anyone else? I don't use Publisher a lot but I thought I would try it out with a simple layout.

  8. On 2/14/2019 at 8:33 AM, mac_heibu said:

    Bonev, when was the beta released? :)

    He is probably referring to the internal company betas which have been in worked on for the last year.

    On 2/14/2019 at 8:38 AM, Bonev said:

    let's not bog down to what and where. The fact is we are a year from any updates to the current stable version. It is really strange to have a beta and apparently people are fine using it but this is not ok in my opinion. The beta apparently can go on and on for another 3 months ... 

    I think when you are starting an entire suite from scratch (about 5 years ago) putting a year into developing a suite that has far tighter integration then the Adobe competition isn't strange at all. Not only has Serif developed a nice suite on computer but also has several apps on iPad which they are ahead of Adobe.

  9. Sometimes I like to zoom out and look at one of my layouts but I noticed that with Publisher the pages are so close together that I can't just focus on one layout at a time. In this case I am designing a YouTube thumbnail so I want to see what it will look like reduced way down. With Designer I could just select the art board tool and space the art board apart but there doesn't seem to be a similar solution like this on designer. I would prefer to stay working in Publisher since it is a real design tool. Is there some option for selecting page spacing?

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