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  1. I wonder why that is? I would be nice to do more plug-in/filter work with Affinity. @GarryP That is a pretty neat magazine effect. The main look I am going is for a punk rock styled book (here is a few pages.) Basically I am just trying to make the images more rough looking whether that be through newsprint or other techniques.
  2. Are there instructions for how to properly install the PS filters into Affinity? I couldn’t find how to do that under preferences. I assume that is a way to search for Photoshops filter folder? I never knew you could get similar effects just by using adjustment layers! I’ll have to try experimenting with that. I am doing an assortment of collages using about five different filters. I wonder how much can be done with adjustment layers?
  3. This is only happening with one photo.The cursor shows up when it is over the toolbar area and below the workspace but not when it is over the work area.
  4. It seems like there would just be a way to add filters in the menu? I noticed that at the bottom of the Filters menu is a menu item call plugins, I would think that is where you add additional filters that are not installed by default?
  5. The file is too large to post here but I noticed that as I shrunk the file down the problem went away. The original file was 1200 dpi.
  6. I am getting this problem when I try to aply red eye in the develop persona. It doesn't always happen but it almost seems to be deleting part of the image as it shows the checker pattern.
  7. The inpainting tool also has this same problem in the photo persona.
  8. KipV

    red eye problem

    By the way does the developer personal still have a shortcut to get to it?
  9. KipV

    red eye problem

    Red eye tool seems to be working fine in the photo persona.
  10. The toggle preview button is now showing up for me in this build. Is the new shortcut so that windows users won't confuse it with the close shortcut? It seems like the new fnF10 one should probably work fine.
  11. I just downloaded it last night (all three apps.)
  12. I am still not getting that even though I reset those tools you told me about. It's not under "customize toolbar" either.
  13. I don't see an icon on the toolbar but I got the shortcut and menu item to work. What does the icon look like?
  14. I can't get this to work, where is "Clear User Defaults?" Would really like to try preview mode.
  15. Yes, 1.7 resolved the crash. Glad that got fixed!
  16. The text block doesn't go all the way down to the bottom of the text so when I try to expand it by pulling it down or double clicking on it AD will crash every time.
  17. What email address do I send it to? It only crashes when I double click on a text box. When I originally said it crashed by trying to pull it down that was wrong.
  18. I needed to go into separated mode today and was surprised to find that I couldn't get back to the normal view later. If I select merge under the window menu the checkmark remains on separated mode. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? I don't use separated mode enough to know if this behavior is unusual. Seems like it should just snap back into the view that is just windows in front of a blank background rather then seeing all my other app windows behind me.
  19. It seemed like there were still some issues with picas that were being ironed out? That is the only reason I can think of.
  20. I opened my document up today and Affinity switched the font over to something else entirely. I opened up Font Book next to it so you can see what it should be. It is listed right in the font box but it comes across as something else entirely. How do I fix this?
  21. I am glad I was able to find a way to make this work but I hope this doesn't keep happening in the future. It takes time to have to reset all the individual letters. I hope the developers can fix whatever happened so I don't need to reset all the letter spacing.
  22. I have never owned an iPad just Macs with modern operating systems. Affinity asked to download some fonts before opening this file but I am not sure why. I can't remember if I mentioned this but this file used to work fine for over a year. I just found out if I type some new text and change it to HanziPen SC it works! But there is no way I can change that existing text over which means I have to go back and redo the spacing. You can see in the screen shot I typed it out on the pasteboard. In case anyone was wondering this was a school project where I had to convey the opposite of an emotion with text which is what I thought HanziPen represents. The one on the black background was the type I used to convey grief.
  23. Set to none for both the character and paragraph styles. Affinity Designer, originally done on a Sierra machine now on High Sierra. I can't remember how I obtained the font. I attached the full Font Book screen shot.
  24. Also we need the ability to switch to picas from the rulers. I realize this beta was probably rushed out and you intended to add these things later but I just thought I would make sure by pointing out that they still need to be added. Thanks!
  25. It seemed to me that you run the drawing and photo personas from within Publisher. Quark and ID have had limited drawing and photo editing tools so I think Affinity will one up the competitors by offering more then just very basic editing right from within the layout tool. If this is the way Affinity works with Designer and Photo I don't see why Publisher would be much different with personas.