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  1. In a lot of ways they are not that different. - Both are layout tools. - Both can have multiple page sizes (at least InDesign can.) - Have photo and drawing tools built in. - Rely on a third party plug-in system for to do the workflow. I would just wonder how an Affinity product like that would be different from the competition that is currently out there. Yeah, interesting point. Like I said in other threads just remaking InDesign / Quark / Sketch / XD doesn't make a lot of sense which one of the Serif guys agreed with and said that had plans to go beyond what those products could do (this was before Publisher was released.) The question I have for the people who say "make prototyping a separate app" is how exactly is this different from what we already have today? If they can't answer that question then it is hard to justify making the software. I think I can guess what he meant. At this point in time Designer has had several years to mature so they have been able to advance the product more in several areas including prototyping. I didn't take that as meaning that Serif would necessarily avoid adding prototyping to Publisher in the future.
  2. Or I wonder about having that persona in both Designer and Publisher? The weird thing about prototyping tools is that they occupy this middle ground between layout and drawing. Also worthy of pointing out Publisher will also be a drawing persona and does good and layout (which the other two products don't do all that well.) This is why it made more sense to me to work it into Publisher, but like I said putting it into both apps might be an answer as well.
  3. @MEB To me it seems like the most logical way to start a layout tool in 2019 (as opposed to 1999 or 1985 when prototyping tools were not really around yet) is to build prototyping in (along) with eBook support. Also modern computers have so much more resources these days that adding the additional functionality wouldn't be a problem it seems (as long as it is split into different personas so it doesn't become bloated.) I am sure if it makes sense for a company like the one which makes Sketch to only have one product instead of an entire suite of products working together.
  4. KipV

    Apple Photos Extension

    This extensions feature has never worked particularly great for me.
  5. I am curious what they have in store for DAM. I have never been a really big LR fan although I like the basic idea of that kind of program.
  6. Do you think it would make sense over time for Publisher to become more of the prototyping tool? Perhaps with a fourth persona dedicated to that? I can see show someone would start with a print design and then want to bring it over to UI design or visa versa.
  7. I think the new icons are a big step forward from the Adobe icons where they just slap two letters on a square and that is the only design decision they rely on for a decade. For the people who like the triangles they had several years of that design they were able to look at. We know for icons and logos abstraction is king. They are designs that need to scale down and still work, zooming into a part of the icon helps achieve this. The 3D effect is the icing on top.
  8. I don't think this idea of sending a 100 pg book of to P/D is necessary but perhaps that would be it would make more sense in a persona (having a 100 pg book in drawing/photo mode.)
  9. Even when you work with a persona you still need to click "developer" or "cancel" so I think that is similar to clicking save in P/D so that doesn't work automatically. I haven't messed around with Publisher much but I would guess that you need to be on the page you want to edit or select the page you want to edit before click the "edit in" button. Somehow it has to know what you want to edit before it sends you there. I don't think you would want to send an entire book to P/D you would want to just edit one Photo or Illustration from that app and then move back.
  10. That is the way Publisher works for me. I go edit in Photo/Designer move one of the photos on the page, click save and when I open the file back up in Publisher the photo appears moved as it was in Photo/Designer.
  11. Yep, that is how it works. Both with designer and photo. I am not really sure that is a trap because if you make changes they can still be saved back to the other Affinity app(s).
  12. I would assume that clicking save in designer/photo will save those changes back to Publisher?
  13. Interesting, maybe the first step to getting the designer/photo personas working. Pretty exciting!
  14. I also thought the 3D icon was amazing! It's a subtle effect so I have to wonder if the people who said they prefer the old icon have noticed that. I liked it a lot more when I saw that.
  15. A good part of the release notes pointed out the changes being made to to the UI in 1.7. I sure hope the tiny icons on the left hand side of toolbar get doubled in size before 1.7 gets released. Programs like Graphic and Quark are much better sized.
  16. Nobody is talking about big icons. Time to catch up to 2012 high res monitor tech and now focus on issues that are worthy of discussion. Unsubscribed.
  17. People are way over thinking this stuff. Using an extra 1% of the screen isn't worthy of this much discussion. If that extra sliver of screen space is really that important then it's time to buy a bigger monitor. More important things to talk about.
  18. You can do two columns now. I generally don't use that format but it is currently available.
  19. And also it needs to be added in to the current version 1.7. High res monitors have been out for the better part of a decade.
  20. Doubling the size wouldn't be make them big though. It would make them go from microscopic sized to almost approaching medium size. When I read an article on the new Photoshop I saw that they were catching up with some of the exclusive Affinity features and also adding many options for change the size of icons so if this doesn't get addressed Serif might have some problems. The first retina display on a Mac came out about 6 to 7 years ago so this ultra high res tech is actually brand new at this point. I would have expected it many years ago. The current size is also wasteful on a 27" display. Nearly half of the toolbar is just blank so it would barely be taking up any more space!! The current amount of screen space is like what... maybe 2%? So doubling it would be going up from 2% to 3%?
  21. I used to use a shortcut to get into the develop persona (command+shift+d ?) but it doesn't seem to be working anymore. Did that go away?
  22. I must have forgotten about adding that shortcut. Going to the develop persona is usually the first thing I do so it made sense to set it up that way.
  23. If you type control+shift+R into the box I bet it will stop you in 1.7. It will probably work in 1.6
  24. It turns out something else is interfering which is what I would have guessed. Probably a new 1.7 feature has taken that shortcut. There might be some other shortcut for develop in 1.6 Windows since Windows doesn't have a command key.
  25. I have been doing projects in Photoshop that use a newsprint style filter like the one shown below but I was wondering if someone could tell me where I can go to get these type of filters that work with Affinity? Also can Photoshop filters be brought across?