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  1. 1 hour ago, Max87 said:

    Dream, You read this book? 

    Yes. It's a really good book, but it's not a tutorial book. It doesn't teach you step by step how to create your own business card or a logo. Instead, it gives you a better understanding on how to use your current skills in efficient ways and how to improve your skills later. It also gives inspiration and shows real life cases. Are you totally new to graphic design? If so, you might leave this book for later and start with this and this (this one is mostly for inspirational purposes).

  2. 2 hours ago, carl123 said:


    So if you change the radius of a bigger symbol's corner, initially the smaller symbol's corners will look wrong but once you bake the corner on the bigger symbol the smaller symbol's corner will update and will look proportionately correct


    PS If you are just dealing with corners on rectangular shapes in your symbols, don't use the corner tool just use the shape's own  corner controls which allow both percentage and pixel values to be used.

    Hope that helps

    Hey @carl123

    Just gave it a try and it worked. It's a good solution for my current needs, but I hope that the radius will change by percents in the future.

    I used Corner Tool on custom shapes. I saw that Rounded Rectangle has that "change by percent" feature and that's why I thought that it should be added to the Corner Tool as well.

    Anyway, thanks for pointing out that baking solves this problem in one way or another.

  3. Hi!

    I'm sorry if this was posted before. I couldn't find this topic on the forums.

    I'd like to have "Radius by percents" for the Corner Tool. I'm currently having this problem where I can't use the Corner Tool with symbols of different size, because when I change the radius of a bigger symbol, its smaller copies get same amount of pixels in corner change, which makes it a dramatic change for a smaller object.

    Is there a workaround in the meantime?

  4. 24 minutes ago, verysame said:

    Lastly, it's also worth to be noted, as there are lazy people who are not exactly willing to make the transition, there are also a lot of beginners or hobbyist who pick up Serif products, mainly because of the price. What I mean is, most likely to many users AP/AD will be close if not better than PS/AI because A) They are not professional/advanced users and B) With Affinity they get all they need.

    A) They are not professional/advanced users
    And there you are, speaking as if you directly watched those people working and you can tell who is a professional and who is a hobbyist :) I personally use both Photo and Designer for game asset creation. Since it's part of my job workflow, we can all agree that this is a professional use. Also, three of my friends that work in a professional photography studio have also switched to Affinity Photo. They still thank me from time to time because I was the one who recommended Photo to them.

    B) With Affinity they get all they need

    Exactly. If with Affinity we get ALL we need, why would we pay monthly for some extra bloated crap? Or what is it that you don't get in Affinity that Photoshop gives you? That 'magical' one-click subject selection?

    Anyway, we're not going to come to a mutual agreement on this topic, so let's not turn this post into a war between Photoshop and Affinity users. We've said our opinions. I've spent more than 5 years with Adobe and I had enough experience with it to say that Photoshop has turned into slow, bloated shit.
    But I don't have anything against your opinion. Some people just like to pay extra for things. People buy expensive Beats by Dre while there are headphones with a greater quality and for lower price, people buy expensive iPhones (probably going to trigger a new wave of Apple fans) while there are more powerful android smartphones that had most of the 'new' features of new iPhones years before Apple even thought of that, people also pay monthly to Adobe for something that they don't even use 70% of, and the other 30% of features that they do use, those features are present in alternative software.

  5. 35 minutes ago, verysame said:

    And you know this because..? 

    You speak as if you directly watched this people working and apparently struggling with the switch.

    Anyway, hope you realize it's a strong statement. 

    I know this because when someone is crying that Affinity Photo is not even close to Photoshop, it's clear that they don't even know the software. To me it's like they jumped into a trial version for 30 minutes, didn't find their favorite tool in the right place and felt like the software is too far from Photoshop. I'm using this as an example because I've seen many posts on the froums from people asking how to do this and how to do that, while all of it is laying right in front of them just with different names. So they got used to Photoshop so much that they don't even understand that two differently named tools are doing the same job. They don't want to find a way around their workflow that they've been doing for years in the same software, so it leads them to saying that Photo or Designer is too far from Adobe's products.
    By the way, the thing about the pen tool was just an exaggerated example to push the point.

  6. On 5/28/2018 at 9:12 PM, Stephen_H said:

    Well people, I have done it. I've cancelled my Adobe CC subscription. Here's the proof. Anyone else packed it in with them?


    (It's a bit off topic, but I can't find a general/misc category for posting my own news.)


    I wonder how many tries it took you to cancel the subscription without Adobe's Support begging you to stay? I've wasted so much energy on trying to unsubscribe successfully that I was ready to do it the hard way with the help of my bank. The reasons I ended my subscription to Adobe back in 2015 were  that I've noticed a huge decrease in performance of Photoshop (more and more with each update, getting all the new useless to me features) and also because the subscription cost in my area got up by almost 30%. So I've spent about a month trying to make them end my subscription before they charge me at the end of the month.

    I've read some comments here from people saying that Affinity Photo is not even close to Photoshop and Affinity Designer is not even close to Illustrator. I gotta say those people got dumbed down by Adobe products so much that they don't even know how to do their workflow in a different enviroment with the same tools. It's like if the pen tool is located 5 sections down compared to Photoshop then they lose themselves and don't know what the heck is going on and what should they do now.
    I've been using Gimp before I found out about Affinity products and I've been able to do 90% of my Photoshop's workflow in Gimp. Yes it wasn't the smoothest workflow in Gimp back then but I didn't have a problem to use my knowledge in a different enviroment and with different tools. But now that I've found Affinity Photo, I just fell in love with it and I gotta say that in some aspects it works faster and better than Photoshop.

    A couple of days ago I saw news that Adobe is going to release full version of Photoshop for iPads. I feel like they got threatened by Affinity products getting released on iPad and taking all those awards. Anyway, this piece of crap is still going to be subscription based AND it's going to perform like shit as well.

  7. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for replying.
    I see those Wave Distortion and Wave Length sliders, but how do I reproduce them manually? That's what I'm interested in. As I understand, those are custom parameters assigned to "a" and "b" sliders in the Equations filter. My question is what parameters or calculations were used in the Equations filter's fields to achieve the "wave" effect as a destortion?

  8. Hi!

    In the included bonus macro pack there is a macro called "Lake Surface" which makes a nice effect of water ripples/waves. How can I see each step of the macro in order to try and reproduce it manually? I'd like to know how this effect is achieved because I want to play with it manually and maybe get some different results with custom distortions. I guess the Equations filter was used but I'm not that good at it.