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  1. Thank you i will try it Have a nice day
  2. Hi, 1) I need to use a huge amount a texte (lots of pages) but i want to work in the file without lagging or bugs. I tried with Affinity Designer but it is slow and lagging. What can you recommend me ? 2) Can we create artboard on Affinity Publisher ? Regards
  3. Hi I shared with you my process (picture 2) to replicate the icon (picture 1) but i encounter a problem.
Since the yellow shape was scaled with conserving the proportions, i expected that the blue and red shapes be parallel, but it is not the case (picture 3). can you tell me please what i am doing wrong ? Thank you
  4. Thank you. But i want to create it directly from Affinity designer, is it possible ? Regards,
  5. Hi Please how can I reproduce a graph like this pic with the same effect s in the attached file ? Thank
  6. Othmane

    Zoom issue

    Thank you for your reply
  7. Othmane

    Zoom issue

    Yes sometimes i need high level to correct some anchor points
  8. Othmane

    Zoom issue

    Hi, Anyone to help please ?
  9. Othmane

    Zoom issue

    Hi, I have an issue with the Zoom. When i zoom (+) in a high percentage the layers disapear i can"t see them unless if i zomm (-). Dpes that i mean i reach the maximum of zoom (+)? You can see the pics attached Thank you for your help
  10. No. Where sould i post please ? Thank
  11. Hi, I tried to render a Affinity designer project to psd but the size of the psd (398 942 ko) is more heavy than the affinity file (98 094 ko). 1) Is it normal ? 2) Is there a way to reduce the psd size ? Thank you
  12. Hi, Where should i post it ? I used Affinity designer to do this
  13. Hi, How to remove the green screen screen left in the picture below ? Thank
  14. Hi, How to round a single angle of a rectangle ? Thank