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  1. I know why pdf format was invented. The idea of working in pdf format was I could always, anywhere, edit and view my files on a desktop as well as on mobile devices while on the road. I sent my quotes, designs, and invoices mostly by email and in pdf format. Every now and then I need to review and edit them. Working with AI was ok. Now, using Affinity publisher or Designer I need to keep 2 versions of each file. One to edit and one to send by mail because my customers cannot read affinity files;-(
  2. Hi guys, I used to make my documents like drawings, invoices and complex project documents in AI and save them in pdf format. Most of the time I pick one of the saved pdf files and use this as a template for a new document. Keeping the workflow in pdf format. AI works well. Publisher, however, messes things up when a document is saved in pdf format. When I reopen the document my tabs are gone, text boxes are no longer linked, elements are spread all over separate layers, etc. Can you tell me is Publisher will be ready to use pdf as a workflow? Regards, Ton
  3. I would like to see an infobox in the toolbar that displays selected items height and width additional to the info in the transform box. Just to make workflow better. Thank you!
  4. Hi guys, using Aff Photo for a few day now but this blurring and the bad jpg export quality should be fixed very soon otherwise Aff Photo is as good as unusable for my work. Also another issue, why is the preview of Unsharp Mask not the same as the final result? Common guys, please fix this!
  5. Hey Gabe, strange, could it be th eproblem is the courier font maybe? Ton
  6. Hey Gabe, the problem occurs in the framed text where I used the courier font. I export the template to pdf file. The pdf file is ok! Then I import the pdf file I just created in Affinity and this file is broken. Please give it a try. Ton
  7. Sure. The original is the template, then a testrun 1 and from the test run 1 a test run 2 and so on. You can see the file keeps on changing. Also the format of the numbers is changed. Kind regards, Ton run-3.pdfrun-1.pdfrun-2.pdfinvoice-template.afdesign
  8. Hey Guys, I love your programs and are willing to say goodbye to Adobe. I always save my work to pdf with Illustrator to keep my files readable on as many platforms as I can. Affinity Designer saves pdf but when I open them again the files are not the same. Text frames are changed and typography is also changed. Is there a chance this will be fixed? Otherwise Designer will be unusable;-( Opening the changed pdf file and saving it again changes the file even more... Kind regards, Ton
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