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    wasetsu_an got a reaction from Pedro Dias in Vertical Writing in Japanese texts   
    I agree with this question.
    Multiple lines can not be written vertically. It is fatal in Asian script.
    Symbols for vertical writing also exist. English numbers are also mixed.
    Are you not developing vertical plug-ins in Asia?
    And it's a shame to use Adobe.
    I expect Expect from Affinity.
    Thank you.
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    wasetsu_an reacted to Pedro Dias in Japanese Vertical Text   
    I work a lot with Japanese texts and this would be my request feature number 1.
    When you are writing in horizontal, you can change your selected text to vertical orientation. (When I tried , that bar didn't flip from horizontal to vertical.)
    Like this example: (カレー).
    (This is wrong writing)    x  (This is acceptable) 
        カ                                            カ
        レ                                            レ  
    x  ー                                     >      |
    That also works inside Text Editor for mac, when you go to Layout Orientation > Vertical.
    My other suggestion is to add something like World and iPages that is called > Phonetic Guide Text. (It's used for both Japanese and Chinese called Furigana or Ruby)
    Japanese Indesign has all these features for writing in Japanese too.
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    wasetsu_an reacted to tosicity in Vertical pattern typography   
    First of all, congratulations.
    I am Japanese.
    Perhaps the first thing that is concerned is that "vertical writing of letters" can not be done?
    Without this function, it can not be used in Japan.
    I hope you will realize vertical writing.
    There are many other problems.
    It seems that the product release will still take years and years.

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