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  1. MR Noo

    Clip does unclip

    I'm pretty sure I posted this about six months ago but I can't find the post. I have the latest version of affinity photo and am still finding that 'clip canvas' just doesn't work. It unclips the canvas instead. Surely this is a simple fix? Or am I doing something wrong?
  2. MR Noo

    Mesh warp tool unstable

    Version is It is happening on a load of files of the resolution that I mentioned. It just happened with a file with no extra layers or transparency. It Puts AP into some kind of infinite loop where all my processors are churning away but nothing is happening. I expect that you will get the crash if you just do a number of Mesh Warps on some images of 6000 x4000 resolution. Oh, also I am cropping the image before doing the Mesh Warp.
  3. MR Noo

    Mesh warp tool unstable

    Oh. I should mention that I get the most crashes when manipulating a transparent layer over the base layer.
  4. MR Noo

    Mesh warp tool unstable

    I am using Mesh Warp to corner pin photos of paintings so they are straight and I am getting a lot of crashes. I just got three crashes just trying to do one image and applying the process to a number of photos is taking about 5 times longer than it should. I am on Windows 10. Generally, having used Affinity Photo for a little while now, I would say that stability is an issue and I suggest putting it at the top of your list of things to work on. The photos are 6000 x 4000 but that isn't so unusual these days.
  5. I have cropped an image in and want to clip the canvas to erase what I cropped off. I used Document/Clip Canvas and weirdly, the pixels that I had cropped came back. Clip Canvas seems to do exactly the same thing as Unclip Canvas. This must be a bug surely?