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  1. I can't believe that this isn't implement yet. I found post dated from 2014 asking for that feature. Im stock as well. Want to use designer to export ''faceplate'' design wihch require ''.DXF'' file. But unfortunately just because of that I have to export to .PDF then import back into illustrator with sometimes unexpected results. Hey dev team, what are you waiting for ?! Hey don't forget to have the option to convert ''spline'' into ''polyline''. Come on there is so many people which are waiting for that single feature to make the switch from AI to AD.
  2. Unfortunately I can't. Those are confidential files. I'll try to create CAD pdf for test purpose with another CAD. If I experience the same thing I'll post it here.
  3. I'm trying to work on PDF exported from CAD software (solidedge and autocad). This is not the first time Im doing this for documentation purpose. Normally everything goes well (except on performance side always a bit too slow compared too Illustrator) but now for some reason while Im trying to perform selection or other basic stuff the PDF disappear and Affinity stop to answer. The PC does not freeze, I still have control over my mouse but I only have that "fuckin" circle spinning waiting for something to happen from Affinity. But nothing happen and at some point Windows ask me if I want to exit from affinity or wait for it to answer. But after 10 minutes, I think it won't. I must admit there is a lot of layers on those PDF. But I tried on Illustrator CS6 with those 2 same PDF from 2 different CAD and it was smooth except some minor lag on some operation which I consider normal due to the amount of layer. The other thing I see is that for some reason... when importing PDF in Affinity there is a lot of layer appearing which does not appear on Illustrator (like dummy layer). I don't know if its a bug or import settings but that is weird and its a real mess to cleanup. However, I think there is place for a huge performance improvment for PDF editing. Hope this will be the case, otherwise will ahve to stick to Illustrator. And I wish I will not have to. Another subject: can you add those arrow option on stroke (like in Illustrator) with an Affinity touch (like more feature, more option) . Cheers
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