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  1. OMG you right......i didnt change it! so i was confuse but someon should have move that from my pc
  2. Hello, so i use the freehand selection tool i choose polygonal and start to trace the selection! like you can se on eh first photo. when i arrive to the first point to close the selection, the selection will be modified like the second photo! and this happen in all kind of photo with the same tool, sometime became a circle sometime change shape but still isnt the shape that i trace. someone had the same my problem? there is a solution?
  3. the problem is that im not the one that create the pdf. they arrive from different people, for this reason i need that wen i open the file i can have the option of have te text rasterized
  4. I WOULD LIKE that the text will be rasterized but unfortunately he doesent do that, affinity change automatically the font
  5. doesent work, the text will be change automatically with another and dont became rasterise.
  6. Hello, i have this issue, i have some pdf file, that i have to make some changes but, when i open the file, if i dont have the font it will change. on photoshop (sorry for name it) i can open a pdf file like an image so all the font remain the same.... there are some possibility to do this?
  7. Thankyou for this wonderfull file!!
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