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  1. Hi, While using the brush tool in other applications similar to Affinity Photo I use a key to quickly color pick and then it swaps back to the brush. This is an essential part of my workflow when painting. Is there a way to set this up on Affinity Photo? Or is the only option a 4 step process to do this? Cheers Ben
  2. So I'm working on Windows version, and the 'Align to nodes of selected curves' tooltip reads 'Snap to selected curves' so thats some of the confusion sorted. I've attached screenshots of me aligning the nodes with the suggested snap setting and the Node tool selected. Next I select both nodes with marque select and the next image attached is the button I press that doesn't join the nodes. I can send you the file if that helps.
  3. Thanks for your reply I can't find the 'Align nodes of selected curves' on the Snap section .. do you mean 'snap to selected curves'? When the points snap together I get the yellow box and line as you suggested but the 'Join Curves' button still doesn't work. Also, this shape is one shape with open curves, not sure if that's what you were saying.
  4. Hi, I'm new to the product and I'm having a real problem trying to fix up an imported vector from Inkscape. The 2 sides of the object were separated and I'm trying to join it back up. I have deleted the line that was joining them so they are now open nodes. I select 2 nodes I want to join, click join and nothing happens. Or I select combine nodes and it just joins the original shapes back up. Everything is on the same layer. I had success with the line above but cant replicate it on this line. Please help! Cheers Ben
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