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    cpotsch got a reaction from furtonb in Another DXF IMPORT Request   
    I don't want you to think I'm being antagonistic here, as that its not my goal.  I'm taking my precious time (and yours) to exclaim a real shortcoming/need with your program. Most people won't do that. They'll do a drive-by complaint and move on to another product.
    I applaud your company's efforts with this product, but feel you are not seeing the end user's perspective.  I fully understand all of the things you want to do to make your product work better and enhance it, but that's from your (the designers') perspective. To put it another way, you've created a Ferrari.  It's shiny, sleek, and runs really fast. Your staff is always looking at the Ferrari on how to make it better.  You LOVE that Ferrari.  It's your BABY.
    But there's a problem that's apparent to a whole lot of people, but maybe not you. Your Ferrari has no doors.  The only way in or out is through the windows.  Now, to a younger user or someone who is accustomed to get in and out that way, that makes perfect sense.  But most users like doors. Not just like them, but in most cases need them. Until you add the "doors",  the people who NEED your Ferrari won't buy it because they can't  get in or out efficiently.  That ability outweighs ANY other enhancement you may make. Anything else is cosmetic.  You need to focus on function. 
    Those are the ones you really need to address here. It's really that important. Thank you and Best Regards!
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    cpotsch got a reaction from furtonb in Another DXF IMPORT Request   
    What I saw on the specs mostly was that it opened .AI files (especially needed if you no longer have Illustrator), and exported into all of the standard "vector" formats out there. The program is good, but it lacks an ability to interact with the industrialized world, where basic CAD files exist. I've been using commercial vector drawing programs for over 30+ years. Even back then, they all had the ability to  import .dxf/.dwg.  This is not new, and can't be that hard to implement.  In the industrial workflow space, precise, accurate drawings are made in CAD, and then transferred to vector illustration programs like Designer (mostly Illustrator or Corel Draw) for artistic enhancement everyday. Whether that be straight artwork creation on top of a drawing or die line, or just simple coloration treatments.
    If you want this product to succeed, it must at least be able to do this. The applications and sales potential for your program that can do .dxf/.dwg file interchange, far outweigh any "purely artistic" oriented need.  There are thousands of users out there that feel abandoned by Illustrator, only to be stuck with them because of Designer's inability to match that simple capability. I know I'm not alone.  I don't want my money back. I want you to see the potential to make your good product great, and unlock it's full potential.
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