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  1. BitzSec

    The Coolest Filters for #AD

    Thanks guys, just figured out that the file is actually attached
  2. BitzSec

    The Coolest Filters for #AD

    Can anyone re-upload it, the website is down for me, I would be thankful!
  3. Hello everyone, I started Affinity Designer today only to find that it has no RTL or Arabic font support at all, I was shocked, I thought that I had to tweak some settings to make it working but it turned out to not to be support nor it be on the roadmap. I paid money for this program expecting it to act as a professional vector editor but how is this even possible with it lacking such a simple feature. I'm really disappointed and I really feel that I got scammed by not mentioning it anywhere that there's no RTL support, shame on you. And the feature is not even on the roadmap means that you really don't care for people in Middle East, thanks for all your appreciation.
  4. Simply as that? Instead of implementing such a simple feature, you choose to lose a customer? The worst reply I have ever received.
  5. Hello everyone, I want to buy this brush pack: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/store/product/concept-master-vol1-nature-brush-pack/ But someone else will be buying it for me, what are the procedures to do so? Will he buy an activation code that he can give to me?
  6. Okey, thank you. One more question, how long will this sale go on?
  7. Hello there, I own the PC version and I'm really happy with it and was planning to buy iPad version but currently I don't own one, I thought of buying a used one, iPad mini 1 or iPad mini 2, will it work fine? I searched everywhere for a complete list of supported devices but all I found was "Requires iOS 11.0 or higher" on app store, and as far as I know the iPad mini 1 and iPad mini 2 support iOS 11.0
  8. BitzSec

    Buying a used iPad

    Okey, guess I'm gonna buy one then Thanks everyone for your fast responses.
  9. BitzSec

    Buying a used iPad

    A used iPad Air 2 costs me about 4 salaries. I'm getting it mainly for Affinity Designer on the go, is the app fully working without a pen? Only using my fingers I mean.
  10. BitzSec

    Buying a used iPad

    So, I'm all good if I go with the iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi only 16 GB?
  11. Okey, thank you for this, I contacted that email you gave me
  12. Hello everyone, I want to buy Affinity Designer (the standalone version) but I don't own a credit/debit card or a paypal account, my question is, can a friend of mine buy Affinity Designer as a gift and give it to me? I mean gifting it to my account. My regards.
  13. But it requires an email upon installing, so, I guess it checks online for the key/email combination.
  14. Okey, will contact you via it, another question, can the application be activated offline? As I have a PC with no internet connection (for security reasons).

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