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  1. Wouldn't it be a great feature to support Microsoft xaml-files for drawingbrushes? There are some svgtoxaml converters out there, but it would be a much better workflow to export the xaml-files direct from Affinity-Designer. So I can use my favourite tool to design my drawingbrushes in my wpf-applications.
  2. DocPatock

    Ugly looking PNGs

    That's weired. If I do this one another Computer - it's Looking fine.
  3. DocPatock

    Ugly looking PNGs

    Yes in the navigator the zoom is set to 100% and the performance is set to bilinear.
  4. DocPatock

    Ugly looking PNGs

    The sampleirfan is also the original picture.
  5. DocPatock

    Ugly looking PNGs

    I have a png. If I open this png in let's say irfanview it looks like the attached picture 'SampleIrfan.png'. If I open this in Affinity-Photo it looks like the attached 'sampleAffinity.png'. After some tries I realized that if I open the png with paint.net it looks the same as in Affinity, so I think it's a windows-feature/bug. Please help SampleAffinity SampleIrfan

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