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  1. No, that just tries to paste the text with the copied style... This works for me too... I might need to change the default paste short cuts... Seems to be the only work around at the moment Gah... I really want to take the leap and leave ADOBE
  2. I just discovered this issue when I opened a IDML document, before I can jump ship on adobe, I need to make sure that publisher can handle everything... There is no text style eye dropper... The other thing is, when I copy text from an email and use it to replace a sentence in publisher it changes the formatting style of the pasted text. WHY would it do such a thing...
  3. I have attached a file for you to try... The fonts are times roman... If you copy any text from this post, and use it replace any of the sentences with in the columns it will replace it with aerial or a font ?Roboto-Regular. Depends where you copy the font from. This changes the style, formatting, of the text. When I use indesign for magazine creation, and I do 20 magazines a year among other projects. I can copy any text, from any application and replace a word, sentence or pagraph in a indesign and it uses the exact text within that text box. It does not change the font, style, or formatting. Untitled.afpub
  4. Hello all, Something I have noticed throughout all three applications... When I use Indesign, I replace a word in a sentence and it replaces that word with the same font style etc in the box. If I do it in publisher, I loose the text formatting for the word in the box. I then have to replace the new word font with the current font in the sentence. if I do it in photo and designer the same thing happens. If I lay out an entire magazine, and have to change a single word in a paragraph, it should automatically replace the work when I paste it in, with the same font and formatting style that was in place. It should not replace the word in the text box with a random font.. Am I the only on that seems to find this strange.... Or have I missed a setting or a check box that stops this from happening in all three applications...
  5. I just realized you can't import, or open indesign files... And then you don't have the option to export them either... I work as a freelance designer who is required to have indesign backup files for everything I do for this one client so they can access in house, or send to another designer down the road. I won't be switching to publisher until I can fully export to a indesign file... At least not full time that is You can't even import text boxes properly... It puts all the text into separate boxes and not connected in paragraphs or sentences.
  6. When I did this, the text box had two columns and several lines in each column. The text went from a single two column text box to 16 separate text boxes. It copied the font and formatting. It also did not keep the lines in a paragraph. It made each line separate.
  7. I see where you are going with your assets idea... My watermark is just my website TRAVISBEVAN.COM and then centred underneath PHOTO | VIDEO | DESIGN The problem is, if I use a brush at lets say 250px or have the text set to 250 px on a 4000x3000 pixel photo it looks and works great, but now if I use a photo that is 1000x1000 or 1200x500 that brush, tiff, png or text at 250px will either take up half the size of the photo, or be off set in a different area, other then the bottom right hand side. I had this problem for years with photoshop and I had to create a vertical and horizontal watermark. The spacing and sizing worked it self out after a ton fo trial and error, but it couldn't figure out the vertical or horizontal in photoshop.
  8. I figure the only way to make this work would be to have a watermark for each aspect ratio... each image would need to be cropped to a certain size, then I would need to drop a watermark and save. A lot of work. Would be great if Affinity just had a built in watermark...
  9. They do not have constraints in Affinity Photo...
  10. I have created a watermark brush with a Marco that can batch images... But they all need to be the same ratio and or DPI. If not the watermark will be placed in the wrong area, or really big or really small. I am hoping they can add a watermark feature into the next release.
  11. It would be really nice to have a built in water mark feature for MacOS and iOS I have set up a watermark brush and have used that, but to say the least. Its not in the exact same spot every time. I have also set up a watermark brush with a macro. But with this, I need one for horizontal and vertical. And if the images are off in DPI or ratio, the watermark doesn't place in the exact same spot. I have also gone about setting up a place PNG image with a macros... But then again, I have to make sure I have one for vertical and horizontal images, and also run into the same issue of image DPI and image ratio...
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