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  1. Great logo, David! Free cake sounds like a wondrous thing - but be careful, I've heard that apparently if you eat too much cake you'll get fat, can't believe it myself though... but if you ever need to move any of that free cake on to a deserving home, I'm sure the boys and girls at Affinity will help you with that, hehe ;)



    I had a birthday cake made to look like a bacon sandwich last year and burger the year before.......I think that tells you I'm a lost cause. 

    Photos attached are the actual cakes, the cake maker is my Sister who's just going self employed this year.



  2. Thank you Peter, I am doing a print run of this poster very soon, the story itself was to be an interactive story book for ipad, iphone and android, although It has evolved a bit since then to a series of mini games bridged with an illustrative theme.


    Having said that 60% of my day job is working with a publisher to create and design books, so will be perusing full on story book to at some point, (think Gruffalo size book) but as you can understand it takes ages and ages to do, so may be a year before its finished - or the wife may get a bit fed up with me sat up all night illustrating and not doing any house work again (Im fully blaming Affinity for that).

  3. That looks really amazing.


    The Three Level Hydraulic Flight Chair Lift is a stroke of genius... imagine that view!


    Thanks Mike, its been in my brain for years, its been real fun making this piece. I'm currently working on a plan of the house, which of course will have plenty of hydraulics involved too :)

  4. Hi David,

    1) There wasn't time to implement Bleed preview for the 1.4 release. This will be added soon (in the Betas).

    2) No. Currently you have to use the Layers panel or the Artboard Tool. The bleed can only be accessed though the Document Setup after the document as been created as you noted.

    There's always room for improvements...  ;)



    Thank you MEB as long as I wasn't missing a view option, I'm happy to have artboards for now, makes my life so much easier.

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