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  1. Always makes me chuckle when people post "Im no designer" then I open it and its a beautifully neat piece of work ;)


    So great start.. from my point of view the illustration is lovely, but the font is "childish" if you want the curly fonts I would change to a more grown up classic script font or for readability a sans serif font like Open Sans (which is free) but keep it a light weight to compliment the illustration.

  2. This is cool. How come when other people use the noise fill it looks ace, and when I use it it looks pony?



    No idea, I tried a hole bunch of colours and overlay filters....I found using the lightest colour in the artwork in this case the yellow/cream at 20% opacity with a Multiply filter worked.

  3. Once again, I'm in awe of your design skills David. Such great work. Thanks for the tips on exp[ortin /printing (if I ever need to do such a thing in the future).


    I do love a sweat brochure. Much better than a plain one! :P





    Thanks George thats kind of you, I wish I was as good as you make out but I just pretend I know what I'm doing ;) 

  4. Oh the irony of not asking for typos to be called out when I tittle the hole thread "Sweat" rather than "Sweet" thats the second time and last time I will make that typo ;)


    Mmmmm who wants a sweaty leaflet?

  5. For the booklets I exported as flat 300dpi PDFs with bleed but no marks, and imported into (sorry) Indesign to make pages then exported for print.

    For flyers I exported as Hi Res PDFs with bleed and marks - I'm having very occasional issues with hole filling back inside shapes so everything is going out flat at the minute.


    I opted for PDFs for the booklet because I think its the only file type that exports all the Artboards in one batch with bleed and marks??? I could be wrong.


    Just to add PDF will be Hi-Res if your doc is 300DPI in the doc set up...unless you change that in the export window,


  6. Lol, that's almost an invite to start the hunting... :)

    Great job David! Glad to see more commercial work being posted. 

    Thanks for sharing.


    Haha thanks I'd be more happy if was payed to make laser guns and goo monsters all day but this was a fun project.

  7. Well truth be told I didn't make the logo concept....However some muppet agency made it in photoshop with stock photo textures so I re-drew it as a vector element with distressing included.

    It was more a project of take on brand half way through development and evolve it into something with consistency. 

  8. A little late to the party here. 


    I like the last direction much better. (personally, fwiw, I really liked the original bird too   :) )

    My only thought is that unless the logo is fairly big, the feather might not get readily seen.


    I know you weren't looking for any new ideas. Just throwing this out there.




    Thanks for your suggestion, one of my areas of focus was that my over engineering in illustrating items wasn't going to take over the design and become a hinderance (again).


    I did play with a range of feathers large and small. But in the end it boiled down to a few factors: I'm not a feather specialist or shop specialising in feathery products, I only wanted a subtle nod to a bird to work with the name.

    I'm happy with the more gently approach and I actually like that you can't see it at small sizes and may take a second glance to find it.


    Plus there four extra facts:


    1. I'm sick of drawing feathers.

    2  Feathers in 99% of cases end up looking Phallic).

    3. I have 7 flyers to make before 9am Monday morning, So, Better get off here and get busy.

    4. I'm sick of drawing feathers.


    Thanks for taking the time though, much appreciated :)

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