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  1. Thank you :) Id like to say I will do a series of these but Work keeps getting in the way of my personal projects.
  2. First full day free to myself for a while and Ive been using this style in a lot of client work over that last couple of years, so thought Id see what happens if I'm not watching the clock and pack it with shading and detail, really quite please with the outcome. I'm going to add some characters to this next week if I get another free day.
  3. @Affinity Admin, we have a porn/spam link posted above, might want to kill it.
  4. I love your Art Paolo, it all has fantastic atmosphere.
  5. Ha, just hope noise doesn't end up being the new drop shadow - I remember when they added that to Quark Express, the design world went mad ;)
  6. Thanks I'm aware it wasn't nice blasting poor old chimps off into space....But Ive had the idea in my head, since i saw a statue commemorating space chimps a while back.
  7. I've been working away most of the summer and haven't had time to create anything for myself, finally broke the drought today with this space chimp, a piece I've had sketched for quite a while.
  8. My daughter has just been given an old hand me down Macbook Pro core duo, which is 32bit. It has the App store but being 32bit will it run Affinity Designer?
  9. Did someone say hooters?......oh birds, well nice set anyway ;)
  10. Looking good...I take it he has self lubricating eyes and cheats by not having eyelids giving him the perfect stare.
  11. Lovely work on both the character and environment, Will keep an eye out for the full comic when your done :) Just a little thing but I'd suggest taking some of the glow out of the white fluorescent tube, I couldn't see it was a tube until I saw the reflection on the counter - but then I know nothing about Cinema 4D so feel free to ignore me.
  12. I used to dock my tool bar but have recently started to float it like you, I had a rejig and moved my layers to the left. Given the choice I'd like to have the option to dock the tools to the right of the layers pallet.
  13. Reminds me of the Faraway Tree books, must have read them to my kids about 8 times by now. I always wanted detailed illustrations of the homes within the tree.
  14. He's certainly a strawberry colour now....You could add a whale for depth and even a sea gull above laughing at him.
  15. I like the changes, good work. Hand lettering signs sounds an awesome job, also bit of a lost art these days, I love looking at old photos of shops with painted sign work. Really quite depressing looking at the state of some modern shops.
  16. I like this, I'm a big fan of hand made script work. My feedback: I prefer the Arrow in your sketch work. I think the vector one looks too heavy for me? Also out of interest Is there a reason the tail end doesn't connect with the 'A' feels like it should flow into the arrow to me....just my opinion though.
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