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  1. Really cool FLOKK. To create a mask just drag a shape over the thumbnail of another shape/layer/group or of a bitmap layer. You will see a blue vertical mark near the thumbnail (on the right), when you drag your shape over it.


     Cheers, I will go test that out :)

  2. In an attempt to break me in, I decided to jump right in and make a large A3 piece.

    Going well so far, although missing not having an eye drop tool to sample things, hopefully the idea is once I have completed this I should have sussed affinity to a comfortable level.


    Things I love so far:


    • Effects are presented in one easy place with sliders

    • The path tools, once I figured out how to add points etc I'm finding them beautiful to use.

    • I don't have so many pallets open to achieve the same work as I do in Illustrator


    I have come across a couple of bugs, my tool bar got stuck to the foot of the window and then vanished, My artboard started flashing on and off at one point after drawing a box and I had to re-start



  3. Hello,


    Just started vectoring my first big piece of artwork with Affinity and hit upon a snag... I cant find the eye drop tool?


    Within my work process I create a shape, add outline colour, point thickness, apply internal colours and style - then when creating a new shape that requires the same treatment click cmd + i, bringing up the eye drop tool which clones styles onto the new object.


    Is this possible in Affinity? its a bit of a pain to manually do each shape and item.






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