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  1. AWESOME! :D  Getting very excited now! (despite having a stunning cold and feeling like death, generally!)  Spinning issues don't sound good... Is it when you do anything in particular? Usually it's only performing a command that could cause any kind of spinning ball. If you're getting it often, is there any chance you'd send me the file and I can take a look and tell you what's going on? :)





    Spinning started after I tidied up into groups, so now if it want to edit the Polar bear I double click into the group it spins for a few mins before it picks up my selection?

    Maybe a ram issue? I have 8gb installed on  my Macbook Pro.

  2. Excellent texturing and only first piece too, nice :)


    You've illustrated what I really love about Affinity - Each artist seems to find a tool/process they have always used in their style/workflow and find it works better, faster and cleaner.
    Which leaves 'us' to get on with being more creative and spend less time battling with tools and unintuitive processes.

  3. Thank you all, very pleased I have reached a point where I'm very happy with work I'm producing in Affinity, and increasingly feeling frustrated if I have to venture back into illy.


    I'm sure there is a vid to explain the masks, but a quick description its really very simple, drag the object you want under and to the right of the object you want it in (see attached screen grab) 


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