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  1. Which one are you getting? :)


    Well, Ive been saving ages for and I've googled & youtube researched the hell out of it, I was tempted with the cheap(er) Chinese tablets, but I'm terrified of warranty issues, quality and disappointment.

    I'm holding out for the Wacom Cintiq Pro 16. The 13 looks brilliant too, but I know what I'm like, I will wish I pushed for the next size up. The 27QHD looks amazing but I work in studios often and also hot desk at two locations during the week so need to have portability.


    Edit; Wacom are taking so long Ive researched myself out of it, iPad pro with a textured screen protector is the future, also the possible cable nest has put me clean off - plus I get top buy the Affinity App.

  2. Some free advi$e, worth every penny :)


    Before I bought my regular tablet, I did some research, and most of the reports said that most modern tablets readily meet the same response and resolution as the top end, i.e. Wacom. So I bought one that was about 1/3 the cost of the Wacom. I suppose that the price was low in order to compete w. Wacom. One question yet to be answered is will the hardware and soft last for as long.


    I have to suppose that a display tablet, which adds the display to the touch interface, might be more likely to suffer hardware failure.


    I've used my regular tablet w. the graphics apps I have. It was usable in all of them. AD was fine. Perhaps a little slower using vector brushes. 


    My guess is that the more economical options will not be a disaster, assuming there are no general reports about OS problems.



    So your tablet is one of the lower cost Chinese "copies" of the Wacom tablets? I'm just worried about forking out cash for the wrong kit.

  3. I know graphics tablets questions have been asked a heap of times but looking at buying one for a project I have coming in February so need to know I'm getting kit that works first time.


    So my question is this: Will budget graphics display tablets such as XP-Pen 10 or Parblo Coast10 work and play well with Affinity software, or are they a disaster? Ive heard drivers can be tricky.

    I would like the Wacom Cintig 13HD but £600 is a lot of money to pay out in a very skint January.

  4. Cool. Love this sort of illustration and this one is sumpremely good. I am assuming that this was all done with the help of the iso grid? For the rectangles with the rounded corners, did you draw them flat/straight and then skew them to the iso view or did you add the rounded corners after you'd already drawn it on the grid?


    After Matt said about the mushroom, I couldna find it. But on second looking, there it is (that'll teach me for not reading the whole post!)


    Excellent stuff,





    I drew it all on grid, rather than skew anything. just use the snap to guides then as you say use the corner tool to round it all up. Takes a bit of messing to get them all looking balanced as corner angles are different on opposing sides.


    Edit: I'm pretty hooked on isometric everything at the moment, have a robot to do next, I could literally sit doing it all day. I love it (desperately putting off a brochure and a batch of boring flyers I'm supposed to be making for a client).

  5. Hi Folks.

    For a long time now, the logo of the brass band I play in has irked me. Although it is quite clever (the name BTM formed from a flat symbol, the shape of a cymbal and three quavers for the musically illiterate), it's unbalanced feel and amateurish execution has (to me) screamed out for a revamp. Below (right) is my take on the design. I'm going to pitch an entire rebrand at the next AGM. What do you folks think?


    Lots better, its a icon logo so don't worry about 100% readability, I think its sometimes more fun to discover elements hidden within logos too. People are often scared of change, so I feel you've changed it just enough but still has a familiarity to the old.

  6. Yes intentionally there is no vanishing point, its made like pixel art.





    I'm impressed by the framework here and…


    clearly, I cannot appreciated this cityscape as

    well as the designers but, as a photographer, I

    fail to see, feel, a vanishing point in any of the

    three axis.


    …is this absence part of the artistic intent too?


  7. Inspired by a client commission to create a 3D shopping centre. Ive wanted for a long time to create a cityscape.

    Its taken me about 3 solid days work split over a couple of weeks. Here is the work 90% complete. Just need to add people an alien and a few cars.


    EDIT: now added an X-Wing, Tardis, Dalek, A-Team Van, Yoshi Egg, Back to the Future Hover board, IT crowd man, DelBoy Van, and some Mario blocks for good measure.


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