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  1. Hi MEB, thanks for the distillation of using Artboards and pasteboard area. One thing I did note, is if you want to see text snippets in the pasteboard area, and your text is black, you'll need to not only set the View > View Mode to > uncheck Clip to Canvas, but in AD preferences you'll need to change User Interface > Background Gray Level to a lighter gray, or white, to see the text in black. Best regards - Timber
  2. So... if I want a place to store objects off canvas, so to speak, it seems that I need to create an art board for the primary workspace/size, and then I can create off to the side art boards to store images, or text snippets off the main work area. Is this the correct way of looking at art boards? And I can also use art boards to create varying sized primary work areas, ie. a business card, and a letterhead and say a postcard. Again, just trying to get the correct working with art boards in mind. Thanks - Timber
  3. OK, wondering if this can be done and if so, how? How an object, even say a simple box. Apply an inner shadow to it. Adjust inner shadow settings. And then decide I want an additional inner shadow, but I want to change the angle of it vs the first inner shadow. This doesn't seem to be possible as going to Effects just brings up the settings for the initial inner shadow. Suggestions? – Timber
  4. Alex, so simple, but just what I wanted! Perfect – thank you! – Timber
  5. Hi all, I have a png file that's OK quality for the web use it's been used at. It's a signature and I wanted to change it from black to a dark blue and thought I could use Affinity Photo, but when I select the signature via Select Sampled Color and recolor it, the edges become noticeably pixelated. See attached original and the recoloured version. Suggestions? thanks – Timber
  6. In Affinity Photo and/or Designer, does anyone have a step-by-step workflow for turning a portrait into looking like a hand drawn sketch or even a caricature of the portrait. A tutorial would rock! Regards – Timber
  7. Magnificent – both in showing the capabilities of Affinity Designer and the mastery/artistry of Isabel. Wow a kind and beautiful soul you are Isabel – to offer to make a tutorial on how you achieved this stunning illustration. I am so looking forward to the reveal of your magic! Thank you ever so much for such inspiration! – Timber
  8. Hi, I don't have any Photoshop plugins to try in Affinity Photo, but wanted to see if I could get a plugin to work in AP. Are there any decent freeware or trial ware plugins that work in Affinity Photo that I could get to try out? Thanks in advance, Timber
  9. Dear Affinity Serif, Please keep the excellent tutorials coming. I'm am learning so much more that I can do with the programs via the tutorials. They are really well done and extremely valuable. More, more! I thing I'd like to see is a suggested workflow for cleaning up photos. I know the de-noise filter was mentioned as a later item to be done in a workflow. What I'd like to see is a workflow suggested order where a photo is opened and then each helpful filter or adjustment is applied and in the most beneficial order. Thanks again, and keep up the terriffic work!
  10. Hi all, one thing that puzzles me, is that the Export Persona seems to be missing features that are in the Export menu item. For example. I cannot resize an image prior to export in Export Persona, I can resize in Export menu item. And, Export menu item shows you the file size expected of the Export, Export Persona doesn't. Surely these features should be in Export Persona?
  11. I could swear that I watched an tutorial video about removing haze/fog from an image, but I cannot locate this video. Perhaps I imagined it. If anyone knows of such a video OR knows of a good process for doing this in Affinity Photo, please share. I know this is a feature on the road map, just need to know best way to do it now. Thanks!
  12. The Develop persona looks to have some great tools. My camera doesn't save RAW, only JPG, can I use the Deveiop persona?
  13. Well, the new icons look busy and even less so tell one what the app does. I prefer the original older ones. They show more detail and the new one's looked rushed/pressured to be flat with less precision. The programs are great and deserve top flight icons. The newer icons just don't look "professionally done" to my eye.
  14. I want to add my voice, that a Revert to Save would be most helpful and save some steps, rather than closing without saving changes and then doing a File > Open. It would make life easier for when one trys a major change or several changes and just wants to get back to the starting point, without having to visit history tab and figuring out how far back to go. Quick and easy!
  15. Hi, on Affinity Designer, and Photo for that matter, on the opening splash screen that has the examples, one can view these, or start a New document. It would be nice to add a "Recent Items" menu to quickly go to recently worked in projects, Simple, but helpful and it would save some steps. - Timber
  16. Hi, in trying to "draw" a vector outline of something simple, in this case a framing hammer, I've tried the Vector Brush Tool and the Pen tool in Drawing Persona, but my drawings look crude and wavy. No doubt that I need more experience with these tools, figuring how how and when to change the points and curves, and I'd guess work in refining the drawings/points/segments after i've drawn them. I did switch to Pixel Persona and using the Selection Brush Tool, I can get a pretty good looking outline of the object I want to draw, see "matching ants" around hammer in the attached screen shot. However, I cannot figure out how to stroke this selection and save it as a drawing object? Perhaps it's not possible? If it isn't possible, it would be nice if it were, as it seems to capture the shape pretty well, or I'd love to see a detect and convert to vectors tool offered in Affinity Designer. So often I get low rez "logos" from people that want and really need a vector based hi-res logo. If there any suggestions to do this better in the current release of Affinity Designer, please advise. I am using the latest/current Beta release. Again, I'd love to see a tool incorporated in AD to facilitate this work!
  17. Let's try this, any idea when Pantone support will be added to the release?
  18. Hi, for Affinity Designer, when Pantone support comes on-line, would I be able to take say an EPS graphic, let's say a logo design, in CMYK colour and convert it to tones/transparency/density of a single Pantone colour? So a full colour logo, could be re-coloured into shades of a single Pantone color? Thanks!
  19. Thanks MEB, that works perfectly for what I had in mind. Thank you for the time and efforts to post an instructional video. Impressive program - impressive support forums!
  20. Hi All, I've created a vector drawing with the pen tool that's petrol pump with a dispensing hose. I've decided I wanted to do a black and light gray gradient around the hose to give it some roundness. Make it appear as a round rubber hose. I want the petrol pump body different colors. How do I go about splitting the hose off from the pump body and rejoining the pump body where the hose segment attached? Without redrawing the pump body and hose separately? Thanks in advance!
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