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  1. Sokolowski

    Export preview

    @MEB - could you point users to right help desk section or video how to optimise export without preview? I really would like to use Affinity, and switch workflow to one app. This same PSD file exported in Photoshop and Affinity not only give different preview but also its really cluttered in some cases. Good, step by step video how to make a export PS vs AFF probably could solve most of problems as our goal is just to get images optimised for web. Ex: In PS you can optimise based on visual - we know some colors are easier/harder to optimise without loosing quality.
  2. Sokolowski

    Export preview

    Thanks. I saw Your post from 2015? with reply about this same issue and information that this feature is on roadmap. Looks like You have another priorities than this, what is fine. For me preview in export in _photo_ tool is a must have, so I will stick with Photoshop or use GIMP. I don't know any single photo app without this function, so Affinity is quite innovative on this field. Thanks again for reply.
  3. Sokolowski

    Save for Web?

    Thanks @toltec! Im doing optimisation of webdesign in Photoshop, workflow like use program A for optimising noice, program 2 for contrast and 3 for export optimisation looks like not best choice When i have different slices of design, working with AF i should have to open every of them in external program to have a quality control preview. Maybe some plugin will do the job, but didnt found it. For now going back to Photoshop.
  4. Sokolowski

    Save for Web?

    @fulvio In this same place right now. I bought AF but without preview its a game of guessing. Looks like this could be a good program, but im not going to invest time in learning curve and later use Photoshop anyway.
  5. Sokolowski

    Export previews

    Any update on this? Without preview I have to work in Photoshop.
  6. Sokolowski

    Export Preview

    Any news on this? When we can expect export preview?
  7. Sokolowski

    Preview toggle for export files - Photo

    Looks like this is upsell function in 2.0. Its on roadmap for 2 years and this is basic function. So there must be a business reason behind.
  8. Sokolowski

    Export preview

    Was searching for this function also. Going back to Photoshop, without export preview I spend 2h today trying to optimize size and dimension to get good preview. My time is more worth than playing with this issue.

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