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  1. When I was at work I did a lot of design work that was sent to professional printers. They told me not to submit back areas as pure black but with 50% Magenta. Maybe worth a try?
  2. Tried what you describe and it works fine even when I close AP and restart it the panels are where I left them on the second monitor. Sorry, can't help anymore
  3. I'm a little confused but it's probably me. When you say palettes I presume you are talking about the panels (?) ie Colour, Adjustments, etc. Open Affinity Photo. left click on the panel tab and drag it to the secondary screen. I use two monitors and it works fine.
  4. Hi @walt.farrell thank you for your reply. Reply: Windows 10 Nikon D850 NEF 8256px x 5504px Not sure how to tell this Yes all images. Yes same time regardless of what I do. I'm wondering if it's just the file size. I times it with an older mage from my previous camera (changed a few months ago) and the time was halved. Other camera: Nikon D7100 NEF 6000px x 4000px. Richard
  5. After making the required adjustments in the Develop Persona then click on the Develop button it takes up to a minute before the image is processed and moves to the Photo Persona. This is infuriatingly slow. I'm sure it didn't used to take this long. Sorry if this was posted before but I was unable to find anything.
  6. Thank you @stokerg Seems to be OK now. I was hoping that this would speed up the 'develop' from the Develop Persona to the Photo Persona but to no avail. It takes just under a minute every time. I have a presentation to the camera club I belong to for Affinity Photo which was fine until I got to the develop part. So embarrassing, standing there telling members how good AP is and wait for something to happen.
  7. Affinity Photo keeps freezing (not responding) several times in the past week. Can't remember at what stage but today it was using Refine. The only way is to open the Task Manager (Windows) and select end task. AF maxes out the CPU for goodness sake.
  8. Now on version 1.8 and still slow to develop. Round about 50-55 second mark. I did a Zoom presentation for Affinity Photo to my camera club and the develop time was an embarrassment. Difficult when recommending product as a contender to Lightroom and Photoshop.
  9. For any lengthy text I use a word processor as I find they are quicker and have more functions. I save the file, or multiple files, and then bring it into Publisher. This can be handy if you are working for a client or department and someone wants to amend the text. Send them the text file and then re-flow when returned. It’s REALLY handy if you faf things up, as we all have. You won’t have to retype it again. HTH
  10. Hi @Basil Babaa. Yes you can. I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve, as you did not say. To get the colour you require ensure you are in the Photo Persona > Colour tab in the Studio > On the RH side above the RGB numbers it probably says RGB > click for drop down menu > select RGB Hex. You can now type in your chosen HEX number
  11. OIC. I don't know on this one but I would image you are unable to change it. Why would you? It's just the way the software developer has decided this function should work. I used to use Indesign and now Publisher and I am unable to think of a work-around for your problem.
  12. Hi @Sylvie21 Welcome to the Affinity forums. Not sure what you asking. I believe the trial version is the full version. There is no scroll down menu
  13. Hi @Aff23 and welcome to the Affinity forums. I had to read your question a couple of times as I am a bit perplexed. My question to you is why are you making a rectangle in Indesign and then importing it into Publisher? They are the same made by different companies. Why not just use one or the other?
  14. Hi @im140.6, Sorry but I'm still confused. Firstly are you using a layer mask? it looks like it but you didn't explain that in the original post but not a problem. I think you are wanting a large bush with 0% hardness to behave the same as a small one with 0% hardness. That won't happen. Let's pretend that if you set hardness at 0% the soft edge, or feather, it is 10% of the total brush size. So, a large brush of 4000px would have a soft edge of 400px which you could easily see. If you then change the brush size to 20px the soft edge would still be 10% therefore 2px which you would not see so it looks like a 100% hard brush. After studying your sceen shots, thank you, I believe you are changing the background with a gradient light and or a blur, which you have put on a layer below and then add a mask to the top layer and 'paint' in the new background. Hope I'm right on this. Suggestion: Start around the dogs, not the sky and trees. Start with 1000px 0% hardness brush and adjust as required. It's a bit of trial and error. When you happy with the result around the dogs finish the rest off with a brush 100% hardness, size to suit. If I am right you could also try putting the background to the top, masking that and 'paint' in the dogs. it may be easier. Masking round fur can be blinking difficult so you may want to try 'cutting' the dogs out using the Selection Brush Tool and the Refine facility then put them on a layer(s) on their own on the top. HTH, sorry if I got it all wrong.
  15. Hi juilalitig, Welcome to the forum. Sorry, but I 'm not sure whch lines you mean. Do you mean the faint shapes in the drawing? What exactly were you doing? Did you scan in a drawing and try to amend it in Affinity Photo?
  16. Hi im140.6, Welcome to Affinity forum. I was a bit confused by your explaination and I am also unsure what you are trying to achieve but I hope I have it. If you set the hardness of a brush at 0% that is the softest and 100% is the hardness. The softer the brush, the further it will 'fade'. So if you want an edge with a sharp defined edge use 100%. Now to the bit as to why it looks harder when using a small brush. It's to do with the 'feather' or softness as a percentage of the brush stroke. If you set the hardness to 0% and brush to 2000px you will see the feathered edge but if the brush size is 80px it looks solid. Hope this makes sense. Sorry if it doesn't
  17. I’m not sure the best place to post this, so this will do. I do feel it would be beneficial to everyone if this forum was split into three. Photo, Publisher and Designer. As the forum gets bigger it can take ages to trawl through to a point of despondency. The titles that posters use tend to be a bit meaningless and we have to open and read the whole post. If I was looking for an answer regarding AP I would look in that forum. It would probably help posters get an answer quicker. What do others think?
  18. Thank you MEB. That's a shame. Such a great facility
  19. In Affinity Photo, when in the Develop Persona it has the facility for 'split and mirror view. When I switch to Photo Persona it disappears and I am unable to see it anywhere. Am I missing something? Sorry if this has been asked before (I'm sure it has) but I am unable to find the thread. I feel it would be better if these forums were split into Photo, Designer, Publisher.
  20. Thank you Cineman and MikeW for your replies. It's difficult or rather impossible, for us 'testers' to know what is finished and what isn't
  21. Sorry jamessouttar, as far as I am concerned that is a bodge of an answer. When setting up a new document I expect to set the size, pages, facing, columns, margins, bleed and slug in one go. I would also expect to set set the bleed in one side and all the others to match. Unless I missed this, I had to put in all four separately. As yet I have never found the requirements of any work I have done to have separate bleeds for different sides. When I work on a document, I want to see the bleeds. I don't expect Affinity Publisher to have all the features of InDesign, that would be unfair but do expect something as basic as this.
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