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  1. Thanks for the reply. I'm on Windows 10. I don't suppose it helps that I'm 85 although general eyesight is fine. I know I can zoom in of course. Thanks. Pete
  2. I have some difficulty in seeing Marching Ants although I'm using a 23in monitor. Can they be adjusted in size/colour please? Pete
  3. Hi Gabe, Thanks for super quick reply. Yes, so simple when you know how. I really appreciate your help. Pete
  4. I’m trying to do a ‘picture-in-picture’ in Affinity Photo Windows desktop. I’ve tried by creating a new layer and importing the small additional picture into that but it doesn’t work for me. Must be simple really. Heres a sample to explain. I created this in another programme. Thanks Pete.
  5. Well, it seems as if we are all baffled. I noticed the little white block appear at the bottom when the speaker was explaining the proceedure, but of course I couldn't read what was written!!!!! I'm assuming you have viewed my attachments with no problem? Please don't try to convert me to a Mac!!! . You mention your aged eyes! Well mine are VERY aged that one of the reasons I use slightly larger monitors. I really do appreciate you all giving your thoughts on the matter. We will have to see how it goes, but I may well have to come back with other queries if, when trying to view further video, I run into the same problem. Thanks. Pete.
  6. Thanks RC-R. I will mention that I’m not a stills man but am into video a great deal and most of my still photos are edited for including into a video or making slideshows using stills supplied to me. Some very old and other quite new. I went from my PC used this morning to my video PC (Win 10 and usually Chrome) this has a 27in monitor. Still the same problem. I have made a couple of still shots taken from Affinity to illustrate the point I’m talking about I do hope they explain themselves, being the vast difference between the sharpness of the Vimeo video and the live editing of my photo. Hope I have attached these properly as I haven't done this on this forum before. Thanks for your interest. Pete. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1V1qFq4gEszCfDrgh5yTITzgmFxVptWjp https://drive.google.com/open?id=13f_mNAjaWc7x6G1fe4JImNVgqgchggUX
  7. Thanks again toltec for your advice and illustrations to show the information given to me. I want to be careful in what I say so let's start by saying how very helpful all the official tutorials are in learning AP. However, I do find the some of these videos are not as sharp as one might wish for. For instance the video on 'Refining Selections' is just one. Following your advice I viewed this video tutorial again and ralised that the important information in the Status Bar at the bottom is far from clear. To be honest, I can't read it at all. Worth a mention that I'm using a 23in monitor and have tried viewing the video in standard size from Vimeo and also full screen. I printed off your advice as a 'screen shot' and all is very clear what you mean. I then opened one of my own photos in AP and at once I could see the Status Bar with the information you explained to me very clear indeed. It's appreciated that video does loose some qualiy when uploaded, but Vimeo is renowned for being better in this respect than YT. Perhaps some members of this forum have noticed what I mean and can offer some explanation to us. Thanks again. Peter
  8. Thanks for the helpful replies. I will view the tutorial again and then try it live with a pic of my own. Thanks again. Pete.
  9. The tutorial on making selections in AP mentions several times the 'Modify Key'. Where do I find this please? I'm on a PC with Win 10
  10. Yes Beo, I have got Gimp on my machines and am learning that also. Thanks for the suggestion and, as you say - it's FREE.
  11. Thanks, I will follow this up. But it means yet another learning curve and at my age . . . . . . Thanks Pete.
  12. Thanks Dan, Very disappointing! So I will have to revert to what I have been doing for years - scan direct into PhotoPlus then move the result to Affinity!!! I might just as well do my simple editing requirements whilst already in PhotoPlus! A couple of days ago my first posting here was about doing 'Cut-outs' in Affinity. I know I have a steep learning curve ahead, but in PhotoPlus the 'Cut Out Studio' was/is almost automatic to use - in Affinity - whilst I appreciate the many advanced facilities available - getting quick results seems to be much harder. Me thinks I had better sit down with a cup of strong coffee . . . Thanks again. Pete.
  13. Oooops.Forgot my manners. I'm using Win 10. Thanks for the reply. Pete
  14. I'm enjoying the learning curve in AP but just can't find how to scan in photos? It was easy in my Serif PhotoPlus. Any help here please. Pete
  15. . . . at my age, I can't even recall whatever you might be hinting at??? Please be more explicit . . . or perhaps not! Pete
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