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  1. Jordan22

    Unusable app

    I have at close to 1000 images I’d like to upload to the app, does this mean I would need to upload every single one individually and open them individually? Doesn’t seem like a professional experience considering that’s what the app is advertised as...
  2. Jordan22

    Unusable app

    I had already restarted the iPad and this didn’t help. It decided to play nicely when I was screen recording and didn’t crash this time. Hope this gives you what you need. EA666E96-F530-4709-9531-4A9347B55E3B.MP4
  3. Jordan22

    Unusable app

    No I’m on iOS 11.4
  4. Jordan22

    Unusable app

    I recently downloaded Affinity on a brand new iPad Pro. I only have 145 photos on the app and its completely unusable. Attempting to scroll leads to less than 1fps lag and usually results in the app crashing. Can anyone help?