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  1. Hi, I'm trying to clean my dashboard on Affinity Photo in my iPad Pro but it's required more time because I can't find the multiple selection for imported file and delete botton for foldel. Is it possible to add this features? Thanks
  2. Hi, how can I see the hexadecimal code from a selected color on my Affinity Photo/Design on iPad? Is it possible? I can't find on forum and on tutorials Thanks
  3. CristianR

    Move selection

    Hi, I use every day this app on my iPad Pro and I love it but I have a problem: impossible to move little object with no zoom. The app auto select the anchor point the object and resize or distort object and I can’t move. Is it possible to disable the anchor point or reduce the auto-selection? in this video I can move only with zoom thanks 2CCF06F1-8F08-4AD7-AD4F-3564F3285E8D.MP4
  4. Hi, I have “import from photos” on iPad Pro 2017 and add on a Folder in Affinity Photo but when I return on I file the app alert me: file removed from iPad! I’m not delete the file. Can you help me? Thanks Cristian
  5. CristianR

    Unavailable - Imported photo to folder

    The first photo is edited in the past. The others just imported. Thanks. 7E807019-BAD5-4EBA-A60C-CEC631FE50D4.MP4
  6. CristianR

    Unavailable - Imported photo to folder

    I can open only the file edited in the past
  7. CristianR

    Unavailable - Imported photo to folder

    My ipad have 200gb free and file is ok on “my streaming” on Apple Photos. I think the files imported in affinity are importded/copy and not a link. Is it true?

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