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  1. Chava Yeung

    Copy and paste problems

    Hi Chris, Unfortunately, the method of copying through Notes is not working now after I restarted my Mac and updated Pages... Would you have any solutions for me?
  2. Chava Yeung

    Copy and paste problems

    Hi, It is displayed as ! PingFang TC automatically. Yet I tried to change it with different fonts and it just showed various style of the garbled text. I copied the same passage from wiki on both safari and chrome, only chrome worked. Still, as long as I can use Notes I think I'll be fine. Thanks for helping:)
  3. Chava Yeung

    Copy and paste problems

    Hi Chris, Yes I do find some of the text are of when copying from internet, but most of them are still not working. Most of my documents needed are downloaded from dropbox and opened with Pages in Mac. It's ok when I tried to paste it to notes and copy it back to affinity photo. However, it doesn't work when I'm copying from Pages directly. Please see attachment for the document with issue. 營規.docx
  4. Chava Yeung

    Copy and paste problems

    The text appeared garbled(mostly Korean and some symbols) after I copy and paste the text from other documents. This only happens to Chinese characters, but typing it in is fine... I hope this is not a major bug cuz I need this function quite desperately. Thanks!