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  1. Surely, @MartinB78 Thank you for the style creation shared here. Other's, here's something I tried and came up with.. Thanks once again all.
  2. @catlover Thank you for the styles and sharing the location for import. I am able to extend the use of it in my projects. @Lee D Thank you for sharing the inputs, I did use them at first but could not arrive at a satisfactory result. Owing to the fact that I am still picking up stuff :). @hannah Thanks so much for making a file, it was really helpful. I could understand the process better. @gdenby Thanks much for extending the design, good learning. Thanks all for being so helpful in short time.
  3. Thank you sooo much everyone for being so helpful. I am working on each of the inputs shared. I shall definitely reply back with content. Thank you once again. Regards, Cp
  4. Hello All, I am a newbie. I was exploring to make new designs. I bumped upon this attached cover page. It has an engraving look, I tried to do it also checked youtube for engraving text or shapes but could not replicate it closely. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Regards, Cp