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  1. I found that you can avoid rasterizing by using the default fonts, arial and such. Any way to use another fonts without raster? Does anyone have idea on the rules for this? What are the supported fonts to avoid the automatic raster? Thank you.
  2. Hi, I want to export an existing document of about 20 pages to word, I've been using the pdf export setting, but some texts are rasterized and some others aren't. I tried to set the "rasterize:" option to "nothing" in "More..." options in the export pdf dialog, but I keep having the same result. I've tried several settings, pdf export. x4, x3. Any idea on how to get it to word without the raster? I don't mind the process changing some format or fonts, I'm aware that a loss of fidelity is very possible for what I'm asking, but I need all the text exported as text and I don't find options in MWord to see if maybe that's the one rasterizing the text. Thanks for your time
  3. YES! It worked. Thank you very much. I had to deactivate the "Use Windows Ink for tablet input" checkbox on designer properties to be able to use both pen dynamics and the shortcut.
  4. My system info is: Affinity Designer Windows 10 Latest Update (without the optional updates) Cintiq13HD with driver 6.3.38-2 The issue goes like this: When on Pixel Persona and using the Paint Brush Tool, I can't use the pen dynamics (like pressure) unless I have the "Use Windows Ink" checkbox active in Wacom Tablet Properties->Mapping Tab. To properly work I even have to create a pen profile in Wacom Tablet Properties for each tablet for designer (I also use an old intuos4 to control the main monitor). In each of these profiles I have to activate the "Use Windows Ink" checkbox in order to use the pen dynamics. The problem with this setup is that, when using the tablet with Windows Ink active, I can't use the Alt+RMB+LMB shortcut to change the brush width and opacity. So right now I have to choose whether I want the shortcut or the pen dynamics by disabling or enabling Windows Ink on the respective tablet. Is this the intended way to work? Is there some way to get both functionality?
  5. I know that this is probably going to be covered later by publisher-designer integration, but I think Publisher needs symbol management the same way Designer does. I mean, the functionality is already there, it seems that the master pages use it, at least visually they are very similar in the layers view. Is there some plans to implement it?
  6. Hi everyone Is there a way in Designer or Photo to save a grayscale image to an opacity channel without the others channels being affected? I'm a game developer and want to store as much information as possible in a single image file. When I mask the image or multiply it the other channels are lost in the resulting image(it's logical since they won't be seen in a conventional software/viewer) Thank you.
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