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    Moved to Affinity Designer from Fireworks.
  1. RedHotPawn.com

    Affinity Designer - High CPU Usage When Idle

    @SrPx: Win 10 Pro ( Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134 ) i7-3610QM @ 2.3GHZ 4 Different Video Chip sets : Intel 4000, Nvidia GeForce GT 630 M, 2 Displaylink adapters for two monitors. 16GB I'm using AD quite intensively at the moment, so I'm going to try and nail the exact cause of this if I can.
  2. RedHotPawn.com

    Affinity Designer - High CPU Usage When Idle

    Whoever gets assigned this bug, I just want them to know, the tabbing between images really does work. It is reproducible. I just replicated this behavior once again after an untimely shutdown with designer running at 70%+ again. Changing image tabs returned CPU to normal. I won't post again unless more information is requested.
  3. RedHotPawn.com

    Affinity Designer - High CPU Usage When Idle

    Just caught this from task manager *after* my machine recovered from hibernation caused by overheating again. Note, Designer was open - but in the background - and I was actually doing something else at the time when it shutdown. More info : 7 VERY basic 64px*64px vector images open at once, with one to two object images in each. Gradient fill on most. Really nothing extraordinary. After tabbing around (same images open, Designer now in the foreground ) everything returns as you would expect :
  4. RedHotPawn.com

    Affinity Designer - High CPU Usage When Idle

    This is a serious issue - my laptop keeps shutting down due to overheating. It has never happened before, and I'm a new Affinity Designer user, so decided to check if there was a connection between the two. CPU overall running at 100%, Designer consuming all spare cycles (79%+ when I last checked) at IDLE after working with it. Above ctrl+tab tip works. I'm liking the product so far, but I was even starting to suspect my lappy was up for replacement until I investigated. Thank you in advance for a quick fix. (please!)