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  1. Maybe you could link me to another forum that talks about this? Thanks
  2. Ok so I switched over to pixel mode, and at first could get the paint brush to work at all. Then I used the marquee tool to make a big rectangle and could use the brush only inside the rectangle. I'm just wonder why this is and if this is how it is suppose to work?
  3. Ok thanks so much. I've been weary of going back and forth between the two persona's because I've found editing pieces later more complicated cause it's all new to me, but I suppose that is the idea behind the program. Thanks again.
  4. Ok so I am new to Affinity Designer and have been working with it for a little over a week. Maybe I am missing something obvious, but is there a way to edit the flow while using the vector brush tool? I'd like to lessen the flow with the strokes I am using. Thanks in advance for you help.