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    Hindi font problems

    See how it is not supporting Hindi fonts properly. I keyed in भगवद्गीता and षडयन्त्र on Mac's Pages and pasted them on the Affinity Publisher document and see how erroneously they appear. Affinity team should set it right soon if they want it to be popularised in India. I have purchased it from Apple Store. But, I can't use it for publishing books in Hindi. Viveka

    Hindi font problems

    Publisher has been released. but the problem of it not responding to Hindi fonts fully still exists. Affinity should look into it. they shouldn't ignore as there can be many users in India if this problem is fixed. An India would always like to publish things mostly in Hindi or any other Indic languages. S o do it fast. Viveka
  3. We have been eagerly waiting for Affinity Publisher since 2014. We heard last year that it would come in 2018. It is 2018 on half way and no sign of the Publisher. Why is the delay? You are losing potential customers. How many more years will it take or the serifs have shelved the product?