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  1. I'd like to have the help open in one window and work in another, or even a PDF version to open on another device.. Is there a URL for the iPad version of the help file, like there is for the desktop versions? Thanks Andy
  2. Simul8R

    Panorama Bug

    I noticed this, but found that it works with a restart of the program. You don't need to reboot iPad just stop Affinity and restart then it works OK. Looks like something not getting reset until app is reloaded.
  3. It seems that the problem is in the import to iPhoto. I have some photos that I imported from the SD card and the RAW files in that group "Camera Roll" and "Recently Added" open straight into Develop persona. The RAW photos that were synced using iTunes in the iPhoto app open into the Photos persona. I'm not sure why this is as iPhoto clearly identifies the photos as RAW but doesn't seem to process them that way. This isn't a solution but at least I know what I now need to work around!!
  4. I'm in the same boat as you. Coming from PC/UNIX/Android world I wanted to just copy my files onto the iPad filesystem and then view and edit from there. They don't make it that easy. I copied my files to the iPad using iTunes Photo sync and that seems to work but I'm having trouble with my RAW files, they seem to get converted in the transfer although they show as RAW in iPhotos. I did manage to copy a folder from my Google Drive using Files and I might try that for more photos, I wanted to avoid two 50Gb wireless transfers though. I tried a 3rd party lightning to USB/SD adapter with no luck, It wouldn't power the USB stick and didn't see the SD card. I returned it and got an Apple brand USB adapter and it handles the SD card well.
  5. Lee. I'm importing photos from 2 different cameras. One is a Canon T3i using CR2 RAW format and the other is a Nikon D5600.\ I'm an iOS newbie. All my photos have been transferred to the iPad from my PC using a USB iTunes sync. When I look at the photos using Exif Viewer the EXIF data shows the RAW file size to be almost the same as the matching JPG at ~4Mb. On the PC the RAW files are around 20-25Mb. I'm not sure if this is just a calculation of the number of pixels or a true value of file size as, obviously, I can't see the file structure in iPhotos. Thanks Andy
  6. Hi. I’m using iOS 12 with Nikon NEF RAW files. I have my RAW files and JPGS in iPhotos using a sync from iTunes on my PC. When I “Import from Photos” the file shows as RAW in the index sheet but opens into the Photo not the Develop persona. Is there something I have set wrong? Thanks Andy