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  1. I stand by my use of the word regressive. I use many cross platform apps; this is the only that has this restriction. Many allow just two instances on either platform; that is a restriction that seems fair to me. Mac development is happening - as is windows development - whether a windows or mac user, respectively is using both or not. The comment about "paying extra for Mac development" makes no sense at all. If I install five copies of the windows version, are four of them "freeloading" on development? It's software, not hand-carved wood. Bottom line: it's the way it is, logical or not. No worries.
  2. Not happy about this. I can clearly only use the software on one computer at once; my other computer just happens to have a different operating system. Shortsighted, I'd say. Other applications don't enforce this regressive policy. So be it. (Until Affinity comes to its senses and changes it, that is...))
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