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  1. Thank you very much for our fast reply! Awesome infos! I will definitely take those into account the next time I animate something (à la Explainer Video with sketches)! BUT: I just recognized that we had different things in mind! I just thought about picking several "moments"/ frames from a video file, adding some text, adjusting the delay between the single frames and creating a gif out of this "composition". So much simpler than creating a "real" animated gif, I guess. Though, there is a similar base.. Attached I send a sample I created for a campaign. Base file was an mp4-file.
  2. Hi Firstdefence, Thank you very much for your quick reply! That's already a great base! Good idea working with symbols and a gradient (due to the gradient we avoid shadow repeating problems)!! I would have to replace the "yellow skin"-file with vector file looking similar and everything would be vector, right? Do you have an idea how to achieve this colour-changing-effect in a simple way? Best wishes, Foxi
  3. Hi everyone, Thanks for all your input. I used Adobe for many years and am also an official Adobe Certified Expert. Nevertheless I love the idea of Affinity to make things more easy. I hope that Affinity will stay on this path and won't become so complicated as Adobe - what doesn't mean that you shouldn't add any features! However, as you mentioned above, even Photoshop isn't really able to handle animated gif's in a great way. But I'm pretty sure that for most of us those result would be absolutely fine. Achieving similar results but in an easier way and without having to leave the application would be awesome! I myself create animated gifs for digital platform posts like LinkedIn. For these one I don't need a high end video program or something like this. Just a little basic feature. Maybe one day there will be the opportunity to have it added. For me Affinity is on the best way to replace for prior three to four programs and I am looking so forward to the Affinity Publisher!! Though I'm certified in Adobe InDesign I don't like using this program as it isn't intuitive at all! Just try to create a table of content (with ancors/hyperlinks to the chapter)! Awful! So keep on improving and use all the great feedback in this forum! Best wishes, Foxi PS: @SrPx If you can send me a list for meantime I would be really happy! I already tried out a lot of programs (GifBrewery etc.) and it just didn't meet my needs: Creating a small gif with text that can be adjusted. (And maybe one or two more aspects )
  4. Hi all,I really like Affinity Designer but the more features arrive, the more complicated is becomes.. There is a new challenge for me and Affinity Designer for which I would need your help and ideas: Creating a mermaid digital paper as a seamless repeating pattern. I got an at least basic version of the attached one (no glitter, no lightning etc.) but due to the shadows it wasn't seamless on the vertical. If seamless isn't possible due to the different lightning effects of my sample picture attached, how could I achieve anyway the digital paper mermaid look of my sample? Important: It definitely has to be scalable vector, no copied images etc.. Thanks a lot in advance. I'm looking so forward to your help and your ideas! Foxi
  5. Hy everybody, I'm struggling with a common effect I cannot reproduce in AD up to know (I'm new to AD and didn't find a possibility). Often I have to use some kind of glitter that is scalable -> it has to be vector and (this would be best) a style or whatever so that I can just apply it to other objects. Here is a tutorial I found for Adobe Illustrator - how can we realise exactly this effect in AD? https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-create-a-vector-glitter-text-art-effect--vector-6133 Thank you so much in advance for your help! Best, Foxi
  6. That`s a serious issue! If you want Affinity Photo/Designer to replace the Adobe Suite, you have to offer this feature. I myself am (next to UX Designer and Adobe Certified Expert) a social media specialist and need to adjust images and create gif's from videos combined with text daily. I create the gif and also different versions of images from the same file. Why should we switch to Affinity if we would need again another program for this - that may not be compatible with Affinity? Adobe combines all those features in one program. My actual workaround: Creating the type in Affinity Designer, copying it as smart object to Photoshop and then go forward and create my gif in Photoshop. Awful! So: PUSH to this topic! It`s an important feature!
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