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    Donut Shape Angles doesn’t work on iPad

    After creating an Donut shape in Designer for iPad modifications on start or end angle doesn’t work. Whatever value is set the shape behaves unpredictable and most of the times the value is set back to „0“.
  2. Carsten Kraushaar

    Embedding of placed Images

    You're right. It works perfectly for pixel-based images (png, jpg, etc.). But if i place a vector-based files (ai, svg, pdf) it's placed as "Embedded document" and i have to double-tap to edit the contents. Right now i'm double tapping the embedded layer, select everything, copy it to clipboard and paste it in the parent document. I was thinking of an simpler way to get the contents inside the parent document by choosing "embed document" from the "edit" menu e.g.
  3. Hi there, after placing an Image inside a document, it would be great to have a function like "embed image". Especially for vector files like .ai oder .svg this could e a time saver. Thanks, Carsten
  4. Hi there, it would be awesome to enter HEX-Values to specify Colors in RGB-Mode. And in "Swatches" please add the options to display the HEX-Values for each Color. These changes could help when creating Prototypes for Web or Apps. Thanks, Carsten